The Panthers' Asking Price for Cam Newton Might Be Way Off (Historically Speaking)

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The Panthers’ Asking Price for Cam Newton Might Be Way Off (Historically Speaking)

Chicago Bears

Teams interested in trading for Panthers quarterback Cam Newton could be met with some resistance.

The latest from NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport:

Rapoport’s write-up is actually kind of a mixed bag, so follow closely. The Panthers have not ruled out keeping Newton for the final year of his contract, but it doesn’t sound like they are ready or willing to fully commit just yet. And if Carolina *DID* decide to trade Newton, the early asking price is expected to be steep. HOWEVER, in his piece Rapoport highlights several recent trades of older franchise-type quarterbacks that have netted far less than what you might have otherwise expected.

For example, the Broncos sent a fourth-round pick for 34-year-old Joe Flacco this last offseason. Two years ago, a 34-year-old Alex Smith was traded from Kansas City to Washington for a third-round pick and a starting cornerback (Kendall Fuller). And before that, the Bills were able to get a third-round pick from the Browns in a trade for 29-year-old Tyrod Taylor. This seems like a real departure from the time the Vikings sent picks in the first and fourth rounds for 29-year-old Sam Bradford.

The Panthers are within the norm in asking for a hefty return for Newton. He is a team icon and MVP who is a face-of-the-franchise type of player when healthy. But because the franchise seem to be ready to commit to Kyle Allen, or at least, a younger, healthier, most cost-efficient quarterbacking option, the counter to any ridiculous ask would be to simply walk away and leave Carolina holding the bag with a backup quarterback making $19 million and a young player who might be on the cusp of being a legitimate starter.

There is a lot going on here … and we’re not even in the offseason yet.

It wasn’t too long ago when reports surfaced that Newton would be open to a trade to Chicago. But those rumors have cooled off as support for Mitch Trubisky has grown in recent weeks, and some cold water has recently been thrown on those rumors. Even still, the Bears should be keeping their eyes on the quarterback market whenever their offseason begins. Because even if they aren’t trading for a player like Newton, keeping tabs on what happens there will help the team decipher what the future cost of doing business on future deals could look like.

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Author: Luis Medina

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