Offense Challenged by Predictability, Tucker Moving Up, Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite SB Ad, and Other Bears Bullets

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Offense Challenged by Predictability, Tucker Moving Up, Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite SB Ad, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

It’s not like I didn’t know Valentine’s Day was approaching, but it wasn’t until I tried to make plans for Friday that I realized it was coming *THIS* Friday.

Ah, well, nevertheless, I’ll busy myself somehow.

  • The first achievement of the offseason has been unlocked:

  • Now that the #BroomChallenge has been conquered, it’s time to get down on the laundry list of things on the Bears’ offseason to-do list.
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but fixing the offense is a top priority for Chicago’s football team this offseason. It’s a tradition unlike any other, but one I wish would come to an end soon. Over at Da Bears Blog, Johnathan Wood’s deep dive reveals that personnel usage remains a problem in Matt Nagy’s scheme. That’s no good. And frankly, some of these problems remind me of issues that popped up during the John Fox/Dowell Loggains era. No matter how much upside and potential your guys may have, predictability in player packages and usage makes it easier for defenses to scheme and defend. And if your offense is easy to defend, you’re not going to be scoring.
  • On the bright side, Wood’s piece is an eye-opening reminder of how much the personnel needs to change in order for some of these packages to work. At the top of the wish list should be overhauling the tight end position, especially since Nagy’s scheme appears to be reliant on tight end usage and versatility.
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  • A look behind the senes of your favorite Super Bowl commercial:

  • Shot:

  • Chaser:

  • Mel Tucker, the architect of two of the worst defenses in Chicago Bears history, is reportedly set to move up the coaching ranks. After initially turning down the Michigan State gig, reports have surfaced that he will take it after all. To me, it’s wild that the ex-Bears defensive coordinator whose units were most known for giving up 50-burgers to Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in consecutive weeks is on a meteoric coaching rise. Frankly, I’m a bit torn by it.
  • In 2013, the Bears ranked 30th in scoring defense and yards allowed. They were famously one blown coverage by Chris Conte away from winning the NFC North from the Packers in a winner-take-all Week 17. It was a moment so large, that it’s lost in the history books that Jay Cutler had a perfect passer rating before throwing a game-ending interception — one that wouldn’t have been necessary had the defense done its job. A year later, the Bears ranked 31st in scoring defense and 30th in yardage. The defense allowed the third most passing yards and second most passing touchdowns. Makes my blood boil just thinking about it.
  • Then again, part of me wants to feel good for Tucker. After all, it’s unfair to judge someone by their worst moments … right? Shouldn’t everyone get a chance to bounce back from the low-point of their respective careers? Don’t sports fans embrace the worst-to-first stories unlike anyone in any other realm? Ah, well, I’m still sitting with mixed feelings.
  • The people’s choice to replace Tucker at Colorado is Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, a Colorado product who was passed over for NFL head coaching opportunities this offseason for no good reason. I can imagine the the attractiveness of coaching your alma mater, but Bieniemy has done as much (arguably more) than Doug Pederson, Matt Nagy, or any other recent branch of the Andy Reid tree who parlayed being KC’s OC to become a head coach. This situation should be fascinating to watch.
  • Look who’s back:

  • “Team 9” is a group of 40 players who will be ready to fill XFL roster spots throughout the 2020 season. You can read about it here. Seems practice squad-ish, but add it to the list of ideas the NFL should as soon as possible.
  • The stuff Trevor Bauer talks about here isn’t limited to baseball:

  • Bauer’s rant could also be applicable to the NFL, which can be so constricting when it comes to sharing content and highlights. When will these teams learn?
  • Here is a BN Bulls update:

  • This isn’t football-related, but (1) Scott Powers is one of my favorite writers and (2) the oral history of the Kevin Garnett era at Farragut is one of those things I’ve been wanting to know more about for a long time. Chicagoans of a certain age are going to dig this:

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