Ryan Pace Would Consider Drafting a Quarterback (...If He's the Best Player Available at the Time)

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Ryan Pace Would Consider Drafting a Quarterback (…If He’s the Best Player Available at the Time)

Chicago Bears

Even with Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles set to enter an open competition for the starting gig, the Chicago Bears quarterbacks room could still be re-shaped this weekend.

Nuggets from Mark Grote and Mike Chen from 670 The Score:

We’ve obviously discussed our desire to see the Bears take a quarterback in this draft – even after Foles (and under the right circumstances) – but Ryan Paces’s intentions were never quite as clear. Of course, context is key here. Pace might be willing to roll the dice on drafting just his second quarterback during his tenure with the Bears, but only if that prospect is the best player available on the board at that time. Which, well, that’s kind of an important distinction.

Let’s say a QB pops up as the best player on their board when they go on the clock with their second second-round pick. At that point, the Bears could still have needs at receiver, cornerback, safety, or along the offensive line. But if the quarterback prospect has a higher grade than the prospect at another position (say, a position that is deeper such as defensive back or wide receiver), then Chicago would take their QB. But given what we know about how deep this draft is expected to be in the second round – particularly at some important positions of need for the Bears – and the lack of consensus around the various QBs in that range, that’s not exactly an expected outcome.

Moreover, it’s entirely possible (likely even) that Pace is throwing this out there as a bluff to create some trade interest or leverage with other teams in the vicinity. Considering the unpredictability in his past, nothing can be ruled out.

In the end, the Bears would be wise use the draft to pluck potential starters at right guard, wide receiver, cornerback, and safety before they pick a quarterback. But because of the depth of this draft at receiver and in the secondary, they could find prospects to fill those holes at various points throughout draft weekend. Which would leave quarterback as a spot where the team could aim to play the long game rather than fill an immediate need.

Stay tuned.

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