How Richard Dent Helped MJ, a Big Year for Trubisky, Breakout QB Prospects, and Other Bears Bullets

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How Richard Dent Helped MJ, a Big Year for Trubisky, Breakout QB Prospects, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

May the 4th Be With You, to those of you who are reading this and observe this holy day of movie wizards from space and what not.

•   One of the greatest pass-rushers in Bears history wants a little bit of love from basketball’s GOAT:

•    Legendary pass-rusher Richard Dent says he was the one who nudged Michael Jordan toward lifting weights and building strength en route to toppling the Pistons. Dent even mentioned how Jordan was hesitant at first, claiming the Bulls star was afraid lifting weights would jack up his shot. Whomever was responsible for Jordan getting his weight up should have a parade thrown in their honor. If it was Dent, whose time in Chicago crossed paths with Jordan between 1984-93, then so be it.

•   Today is the deadline for teams to officially decide on fifth-year options for 2017 first-round draft picks. The NFL’s official website has a page tracking the decisions, which you can check out here. The Bears reportedly made their decision to decline Mitch Trubisky’s option on Saturday. And in Sunday’s Bullets, we spent some more time discussing what some of it means. Even though the decision is in, there is still much to discuss as we move forward, as this whole thing is layered as heck.

•   Something to listen to:

•   Whether it’s Trubisky or Nick Foles, they should know that the Force is strong with Allen Robinson:

•   Your focus determines your reality. So with that in mind, I hope Trubisky focuses on hitting that first-down line on every other down as much as he does on 3rd-and-5+:

•   “Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” Is that an Obi-Wan quote or Matt Nagy trying to teach Trubisky about disguised coverages?

•   It’s never too early to find a quarterback prospect to hitch your bandwagon to:

•   The 2021 NFL Draft will be a new day, a new beginning. It’s just that there is a long time before we get there. Even still, it’s always good to have an idea of possible breakout candidates.

•   The Heckler catches up with a wellness check on an all-time great Bears cornerback:

•   Bears Chairman George McCaskey is a football jersey nerd (and I love it):

•   Pretty sure figuring out how Eric Ebron and Trey Burton could work in tandem was one of our offseason visions that never came to fruition. So I’m curious as to how it will work for Indy:

•   The Bears made the signing of wide receiver/return specialist Ted Ginn Jr. officially official on Monday morning. We’ll have more on him later.

•   Don Shula, the winningest coach in NFL history, has passed away:

•   Legend. All-timer. Visionary. Game-changer. Icon. These are the words I think of when I hear the name Don Shula. Our condolences to his family, friends, fans, and others whose lives he impacted over the years.

•   Disney released ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ today on Disney+ (because May the Fourth), and you can sign up for a free trial to watch while supporting BN in the process:

•   It’s a shame this didn’t age as well as I wanted it to:

•   Still won the trade.

•   Gambling problem? What gambling problem …

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