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Jay Cutler is Just a Man Trying to Protect His Chickens (And Other Bears Bullets)

Chicago Bears

I realize I’m ridiculously late to the party when it comes to “The League,” but Season 3, Episode 11 left me laughing out loud in a way I hadn’t while watching a television show in a while. *Extreme Bill Belichick voice* We’re on to Season 4 later tonight.

•   When Marshawn Lynch shared “take care of y’all chicken” as advice for younger players, I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant. But I was pretty sure I appreciated the sentiment. Meanwhile, retired Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is literally taking care of his chickens:


•   In case it has flown under your radar, Jay Cutler has taken control of his own instagram account. And while some of his most recent shares have shown off some pretty sweet skies, the situation has grown more serious. In his IG stories, Cutler has been informing his followers that he’s “got a chicken serial killer on the loose” after he learned some of his precious chickens have gone missing. Documenting this story via Instagram isn’t what I expected to lead Bullets with, but welcome to the NFL offseason!

•   One potential suspect has been cleared of wrongdoing:

•   If only the NFL offseason was all fun, games, and hunts for chicken killers. Because, on a serious note, the league has canceled the Pro Football Hall of Fame game that was set to feature the Cowboys and Steelers. It might not be a harbinger of doom, but my concern levels are a little higher today than they were yesterday.

•   Gonna put this in my planner (but in pencil, of course):

•   By virtue of his 127.8 passer rating, 66.7 TD%, and 0.0 INT%, the correct answer to Gil Brandt’s question here is Tarik Cohen … right?

•   Sure, Cutler owns all the important quarterback records in the franchise’s history books. Jim McMahon won a Super Bowl. Josh McCown was a fan favorite of legendary proportions. Sid Luckman did things quarterbacks had never done before. But it’s really hard to top Cohen’s raw numbers.

•   Although, I suppose there’s a case to be made for Walter Payton as the best QB in franchise history. But perhaps that’s something that needs a deeper exploration at another time.

•   This list needs more Akiem Hicks:

•   I can understand Eddie Goldman not making the list. After all, nose tackle isn’t the most prestigious position on the defense. But no Akiem Hicks in your top-10? Nah … that’s not right at all.

•   Jacob Infante (Windy City Gridiron) writes about Anthony Miller as a sleeper target for your fantasy football season. With Taylor Gabriel’s release and the Bears deciding not to replace him with a higher-profile signing, Miller should get additional looks from whomever is quarterbacking the team. Perhaps he might get even better looks if Mitchell Trubisky’s offseason workouts yield tangible results or if Nick Foles reverts to 2018 form.

•   Remember this?

•   I had an end zone view of this shot play and it was right there for the taking with a better throw. That miss instantly made me want to run to the concession stand for a drink, but was stopped because I was (1) in a seat in the middle of the row and (2) drinks were expensive at the Coliseum.

•   Once in a while, I think about random ex-Bears. And not only do they get more random than Devin Aromashodu, this one-game outlier is one of my favorite performances of all time:

•   Seriously … is his 7-catch, 150-yard game the best single-game performance by a random Bears player ever?

•   For your listening pleasure:


•   Who wins a race between Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Tarik Cohen, Taylor Gabriel, and a Florida black bear?

•   Missed out on celebrating some history yesterday:

•   Is this a case of ignorance being bliss or one of “well, this guy just wants it more” … I really don’t know:


•   Perhaps Cubs-White Sox can grow into a true rivalry instead of a game between two teams who happen to share the Red Line:

•   Marian Hossa signed with the Blackhawks on my 23rd birthday. It came at a time when my long-time hockey friends were getting me into the game. Talk about good timing! Hossa’s two-way excellence made him a Hall of Fame lock, so news of his induction yesterday was met with quite a smile from yours truly:

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