Changes in Washington, Nagy's Offensive Potential, How "Open" is the QB Battle? And Other Bears Bullets

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Changes in Washington, Nagy’s Offensive Potential, How “Open” is the QB Battle? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m still riding the wave of the post-wedding buzz. But also, I’m jazzed about a fantasy baseball waiver wire bidding process that is supposed to open up tonight. Additionally, I’m in a zone as I re-started my yoga practice today after a day off on Sunday. It feels like there is a lot on my plate right now, but it’s all balanced. Here’s to keeping that balance as the day (and week) evolves.

•   Change is coming to our nation’s capital:

•   The first step has been taken in Washington’s quest to change its football team’s nickname. We don’t know what the nickname will be, but creative people have been doing well in coming up with things. My hope is that it isn’t something generic and that real thought goes into it. On the other hand, we’re talking about Washington’s football team and I’m not sure much thought has been put into anything the team has done in the past 20 years or so. Maybe Ron Rivera’s arrival changes things?

•   I find it odd that Washington announced it was dropping the Redskins nickname in a statement on a letterhead that uses it seven times (and the logo, too). Nevertheless, change is coming. Better late than never, I suppose. Although, it’s not a great look that it took the threat of corporate sponsors pulling out for owner Daniel Snyder to listen rather than please of various people over the years.

•   Elsewhere in Washington, D.C.:

•   I’m looking forward to completing this survey from The Athletic:

•   A reminder that Matt Nagy’s offense has potential to be a thing:

•   Sure, you’re not going to scheme someone open on every play. And not every play is going to be against Washington’s defense. But there are window dressing, misdirection, crossing patterns, personnel packages, and other things the Bears could use to their advantage in putting together a collection of plays that work. And yes, the execution clearly needs to be better (and at various points from the offensive line’s blocking, quarterback’s decision-making, and playmakers’ ability to hold onto the ball). But it’s not like there isn’t upside here.

•   Kristopher Knox (Bleacher Report) questions how “open” the Bears’ QB competition will be this summer. I suppose that’s a fair question to ask from an outside-looking-in perspective. And in an honest moment, it’s something I have wondered myself. Part of that is I’m unsure of who would have a perceived “edge” if the open competition didn’t live up to its name.

•   Would the lean be for Mitchell Trubisky? After all, he is the quarterback the team drafted to be a franchise leader in 2017, but have failed to develop, build on his skill set, or maximize his athletic gifts. I can see an angle where Trubisky being the winner would make the front office look better. Or would it? Because trading a draft-pick asset for the right to pay more than $20 million in guarantees (spread over a few years) for a backup quarterback doesn’t look all that great.

•   I guess the “open” competition could be something that favors Nick Foles. No, he doesn’t have the familiarity in Nagy’s specificities scheme, nor does he have a rapport with the skill position players like his counterpart Trubisky. But Foles has familiarity with the general offensive system and offensive coaches, as well as plenty of big game experience that Trubisky doesn’t possess. So, in short, the open competition is just that. Let the battle begin already!

•   As a Bears fan, you might want to fast forward to the 3:49 mark of this highlight package:

•   There’s also a Nick Foles appearance at the 5:11 mark of this video.

•   It’s a bit of a surprise to see this many unsigned first-round picks:

•   It’s not top of mind right now, but there will be a point down the line when we look deeper into college prospects. But I couldn’t help but find myself diving into Chase Goodbread’s Pipelines to the Pros series. This could be a good series to re-visit next April. Even still … it’s fun to read (and that’s despite not knowing if we’ll get a college football season).

•   Not that any Bears QB is in line to be impacted by Dan Prescott’s next deal, but it’s still good to keep your eyes on the marketplace:

•  Whoa there, Coby:

Author: Luis Medina

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