Mack Leads, A-Rob's Crispness, Trubisky Own the Lions, and Other Bears Bits

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Mack Leads, A-Rob’s Crispness, Trubisky Own the Lions, and Other Bears Bits

Chicago Bears

I don’t know how I’ll celebrate a Bears Victory Monday, but I know I’ll do it in style.

•   The best teams are ones where the best player is also the hardest worker. It also helps when he is a heck of a motivator, too:

•   These Bears had no business giving up 20 points to the Lions. None. Even if anything can happen on any given Sunday. But credit the defense for pulling it together when the Lions could’ve ran away with the game. After that TD drive to open the second half, the Lions’ drives went as followed: FG, Punt, Missed FG, INT, End of Game. After going up 23-6, the Lions ran 28 plays and gained just 102 yards. Most of those came while the Bears played in whatever shell they were in on that final drive. And while it almost cost them in the end, it didn’t. The defense still has “it” … but needs to show it with some consistency.

•   I didn’t really notice Mack on first watch, but the advanced metrics suggest he was doing his thing:

•   On the other side of the ball, Mitchell Trubisky continued his complete ownership of the Lions franchise: 137/203 (67.5% completion rate), 1,601 yards, 14 TD, 4 INT, 106.0 passer rating in 6 games. Extrapolate those numbers out to 16 games and we’re looking at 4,269 yards, 37 TDs, and 11 INT. Pure domination. And to further rub salt in the wound, Trubisky KNEW WHAT WAS COMING:

•   Trubisky had his issues yesterday. There were timing problems, accuracy issues, and footwork concerns. We’ll dive into that stuff later. But that Trubisky out-foxed Matt Patricia, once believed to be another brilliant branch off the Belichick tree. Knowing that Patricia would ultimately go back to the defense’s bread-and-butter must absolutely pain Lions fans. More importantly, I think this counts as growth for Trubisky. Maybe it’s a small step, but it’s not nothing.

•   The amazing Allen Robinson:

•   Let’s not lose sight of how Robinson running that extra crispy underneath route clears up things on the backside for Wims. That’s wonderful play design and execution. It’s also reason No. 9,692 to put an acceptable extension on the desk of Robinson’s representatives right damn now.

•   Cairo Santos made both of his field goal attempts and all three of his PATs. Recent trends had me worried about Santos, who made less than 70 percent of his kicks from 2017-19. But perhaps a healthy Santos is just what the Bears needed. I’m never going to take the kicking game for granted again. So when Chicago’s kicker has a good game, I’m going to acknowledge it promptly.

•   Fun fact: Santos is the fourth different kicker the Bears have employed for the season-opener in as many years. He follows Connor Barth (2017), Cody Parkey (2018), and Eddy Piñeiro (2019). For what it’s worth, those kickers made 7 of 7 field goals and all seven PATs. I know better than to put the cart in front of the horse when talking about Chicago’s kicking game. However, Santos is off to a nice start in relief of Piñeiro. Keep up the good work, new guy!

•   No, I’m not really over how the Lions farted that one away. Matt Prater doinked a field goal. Matthew Stafford took a bad, drive-killing sack and threw an interception to Kyle Fuller. The D’Andre Swift drop was frosting on the cake. Detroit did as much to lose that one as the Bears did to win it. But I’m not sorry about it. Not one bit.

•   This is old hat for the Lions, who have lost 11 games in which they held a fourth-quarter lead since the start of 2018. They had seven such games in 2019. Tough scene.

•   It’s a small sample (21 snaps/32% of offensive plays), but I can’t wait to see more from Darnell Mooney:

•   Block or charge?

•   Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune writes about the Bears’ mixed approach during the national anthem:

•   Games without fans in the stands means epic streaks like the ones below came to an end on Sunday:

•   Moments after I pushed send on the Bears post-game recap, Alec Mills finished off a no-hitter against the Brewers. Yesterday was a fun one for the BN fam:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.