Hey, Now! It Wasn't ALL Bad on Sunday

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Hey, Now! It Wasn’t ALL Bad on Sunday

Chicago Bears

A post-loss hangover comes with plenty of dark-side energy. And frankly, I’ve had enough of it. Because while I could sit here and pick apart everything I didn’t like from Sunday’s Bears loss to the Colts, I won’t do so at the expense of ignoring that it wasn’t all bad.

The most encouraging development on Sunday came from the Bears’ top two receivers.

Darnell Mooney continues to emerge as a rookie. Moreover, he is solidifying himself as a legitimate WR2:


Mooney’s 33-yard reception shown above is a season-long for him. It’s also the second largest single play from a Bears wide receiver this season. Only Allen Robinson’s 37-yard catch-and-run against the Falcons in Week 3 tops what Mooney did yesterday. It’s early, but the early signs suggest Mooney could grow into the type of deep threat this offense needs to grow.

And then there’s Robinson. There’s not much left to say about Robinson other than “extend hiiiiiiiiiim!” Seriously. Robinson’s stock will continue to grow as the Bears stand firm with whatever offer they have on the table for the receiver. All the while, Robinson is playing to a 100-catch, 1,324-yard, 8-touchdown season. Are the Bears going to wait until his contract demands can’t get any higher?

Rather than continue to berate the point, let’s enjoy a highlight:

Good things happen when you throw the ball to Allen Robinson. And that, my friends, is why his contract should be extended.

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Author: Luis Medina

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