That Ugly Nick Foles Quote Was Probably a Goof, But Boy Did It Ring True

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That Ugly Nick Foles Quote Was Probably a Goof, But Boy Did It Ring True

Chicago Bears

It was a perfect storm after a game like that for a quote like this to blow up, fair or unfair.

Even if Bears QB Nick Foles said after the game that it was just a miscommunication in the interview process, the points can still stand:

I’ll admit, a big part of me wonders EXACTLY what was said that could be so badly misconstrued by Brian Griese … could it really have been nothing at all? Or maybe did Foles not intend for it to sound like a shot at anyone in particular? That seems more likely, since you’re not gonna see Foles throw a bunch of people under the bus like that. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t something embedded in whatever he actually did say that is useful information.

For example, would it shock you if Foles doesn’t think he has a lot of time to pull off slow developing plays back there? The line sure didn’t give him much time last night, and the designed quick throws seemed few and far between. You want to take that as a shot at the line (and the GM who constructed/ignored it) and the head coach? You can. Take it however you like. But it’s actually just accurate, isn’t it?

In other words, even if Foles actually said nothing at all of the sort – fine, we’ll accept the explanation and say it was a huge nothing – I’ll just be the one to say it. Last night was a perfect example of how it often seems like Foles has no chance to get the called play off, which is a combination of issues, from a porous offensive line to play calls that aren’t adjusting to the realities of the game to Foles, himself, probably sometimes needing to better diagnose what’s happening.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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