Jaylon Johnson's Emergence, Pro Bowl Vote, #MyCauseMyCleats Heat, and Other Bears Bullets

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Jaylon Johnson’s Emergence, Pro Bowl Vote, #MyCauseMyCleats Heat, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Between April and the end of September, nearly every day at 1:20 or at 7:05, there’s a Cubs game on. And that game has that one voice who is always there for you. And in an era where players come up through your favorite team’s system only to leave after a few years of stardom, the person doing the play-by-play is the constant. So, losing Len Kasper doesn’t hurt because he’s going to the White Sox. It hurts because losing the play-by-play voice is like losing a trusted friend who you know is always there for you. For 16 years, Len Kasper was there for Cubs fans. Treat him well, South Siders.

•   Lions vs. Bears on Sunday … oh my!

•   The last time the Bears and Lions squared off, Jaylon Johnson secured the win with a game-ending pass breakup. And to think, he’s only gotten better since:

•   Even on a defense that has Pro Bowlers at every level, Johnson’s emergence has been eye-catching. He is aggressive, but not reckless. Johnson plays the ball with the intent of making sure it doesn’t get caught. No, Johnson doesn’t have an interception. But if quarterbacks continue to challenge him, then Johnson will soon turn one of those breakups or deflections into an interception. Then it’s all gravy from there.

•   None of this is to say that Johnson is a finished product as a player. Not in the least. Johnson still needs improved tackling technique. There are moments when he allows splash plays at inopportune times. And he’s been called for defensive penalties more often than I’d like. However, Johnson is a rookie who has done more good than bad. To do it as a Day 1 starter in a year with no training camp, preseason, or normal offseason program speaks volumes to how good he is. And that says nothing of how excellent he could be for years to come.

•   It’s wild to me that Allen Robinson didn’t come up with that 50/50 ball on Sunday Night Football because he’s generally pretty good at that. At least, that’s what the numbers say:

•   Robinson has missed out on coming down with a handful of those types of catches. Perhaps the reason they stick out is because they don’t happen as frequently as the times he makes those catches. It’s almost as if our brains sometimes operate in a way that makes us remember the stuff that stinks because it happens infrequently, while also simultaneously forgetting the good stuff that happens because it occurs often. Weird. In the end, Allen Robinson is good at catching footballs.

•   There might be a feeling that this Bears thing is coming unglued, but at least these guys still seem to like each other:

•   There’s no Pro Bowl this year. But if you’d like to reward your favorite player by giving them a push to Pro Bowl status, then by all means, do it. They might even get a kick-back via contract incentives. And who doesn’t want some more green during the holiday season?

•   New year, same issues:

•   The coach gets in on the #MyCauseMyCleats movement:

•   Every year I find myself more impressed with these:



•   Khalil Mack is a terror on quarterbacks. More than that, Mack is the Bears’ 2020 Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award nominee.

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   PFFFFFT. Playoff picture? That’s easy. Want a challenge, Steve? Give me a road map to the Bears drafting Trevor Lawrence:

•   It was only a matter of time:

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