(Theoretical Bears Target) Louis Riddick Is Interviewing for Front Office Gigs with the Lions and Texans

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(Theoretical Bears Target) Louis Riddick Is Interviewing for Front Office Gigs with the Lions and Texans

Chicago Bears

It’s become painfully obvious that the Chicago Bears need a top-down organizational re-structuring.

But it is also clear that the franchise isn’t going to make the type of in-season changes that will declare to the football world: Hey, we’re open for business!

Meanwhile, teams that have already started cleaning house are getting a head start on interviewing top candidates. Among them is someone Bears fans have grown familiar with in recent years:

Monday Night Football analyst Louis Riddick is interviewing with the Lions and Texans. Unlike the Bears, those teams ramped up their searches for clean slates by dismissing folks weeks ago. Riddick, 51, is a seasoned analyst whose honest assessments has helped his star rise nationally, as well as locally. If you haven’t heard Riddick on with Waddle and Silvy, you’re missing out on fresh-eyed takes from above.

In addition to his media savvy, Riddick is an intriguing candidate because of his football life. Riddick rise to prominence began with a USA Today High School All-American defensive back. After his collegiate career at Pitt ended, Riddick played in the NFL with the 49ers, Falcons, Browns, and Raiders from 1991-98. Once that chapter closed, Riddick transitioned into front office roles in Washington and Philadelphia. Toss in his media credentials, and Riddick now finds himself in the mix for job openings at the top rung of the NFL team executive ladder.

Riddick’s situation is worth following for a multitude of reasons. The Lions’ interest raises my eyebrow because they’re a division rival. And the last thing Bears fans want is Detroit’s football team having nice things. And then there’s the Chicago connection. Should the Bears go through with organizational restructuring, I imagine Riddick would be at the top of their prospective list. That Riddick has a previous relationship with Head Coach Matt Nagy could be something worth noting should the team want to get the ball rolling on revamping football operations by hiring a president of football ops who might be willing to see things through with the current coach.

In any case, keep an eye on what’s happening around the league and with some top names. For it would be a shame if the Bears missed out on a top tier candidate because they’re dragging their feet.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.