Fields' Battle, Awesome OL Class, Kramer's Record Still Stands, and Other Bears Bullets

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Fields’ Battle, Awesome OL Class, Kramer’s Record Still Stands, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Tidal took me on a musical journey with Verzuz featuring The Isley Brothers and Earth, Wind and Fire. It was like Herb Kent’s “Battle of the Best” from when he was on V-103, but modernized and spliced with some live performing. You’ll want to check out the playlist – it was excellent.

•   Josh Dubow (AP) rolls through the NFL records that could fall now that the league has moved to a 17-game schedule. Not listed: Erik Kramer’s 3,838 passing yards in 1995, which still stands as an all-time Bears record. That Chicago’s football team never had a 4,000-yard passer during the 16-game era of professional football is a bit embarrassing. I can understand it to an extent, if only because I don’t imagine you’d want to throw a ton when you can easily turn around and hand it off to Walter Payton or Gale Sayers. But the modern game has skewed its rules to make it easier to pass. And yet, the Bears haven’t taken advantage. That stinks.

•   While we’re on the topic of the expanded schedule, Peter King isn’t a fan:

“I hate the 17th game. It’s not in the best interests of player—in the financial interests, of course, but not the health interests. The NFL could play 20 games, 22, 24. Fans would love it. You’re asking too much of the human body, I believe. My bet is that players, 20 years from now, will say (the majority, anyway), ‘I’d give back X percent of my dough for a shorter schedule.'”

•   I hope we don’t hit an intersection where players have significant regrets about giving the NFL authority to institute a 17th game without significant gains beyond a quick financial boost. But I fear that ship has already set sail.

•   A large chunk of King’s FMIA column has to do with Justin Fields, the perceptions he is battling as a prospect, and the challenges facing him because of how people are talking about him. Over at Touchdown Wire, Doug Farrar puts it into perspective:

•   I feel dirty thinking about how some of this narrative against Fields is coming from teams hoping to push down a player’s draft stock. But sometimes, this beautiful game we love has an ugly under-belly. In the end, I think we need to be more careful with how we choose our words and descriptors when it comes to prospects. It’s not a solution to what we’re seeing with Fields or what we’ve seen with prospects in the past. But it’s a step toward one.

•   Seriously, how can you not be enamored with THIS PROSPECT:

•   Oof! This is cringe:

•   PALATE CLEANSER: @MathBomb is one of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow this time of year. And with the Bears having a first-round pick, the wave of prospect information that comes our way makes it all the more interesting. This morning, MB shared some athletic scores that should be of interest to Bears fans:

•   The Relative Athletic Scores shared above are just a snapshot that tells a story of how gifted of a class of offensive linemen we’ll see get selected on Draft Weekend. It doesn’t even include the likes of Walker LittleLiam Eichenberg, Alijah Vera-Tucker, and Dillon Radunz — all of whom grade out among the top 175 of the 1,134 offensive tackles graded between 1987 and 2021. That’s 34 years of data, so we’re not sorting through a small sample here. All in all, this is impressive.

•   Aaron Rodgers’ time as Jeopardy host begins today. And if he finds that this is his true calling, then I would strongly encourage him to stay in this field and not return to football. Because that’s who I am as a person, someone who encourages people to follow their passions and pursue their dreams:

•   Watching Shohei Ohtani is an absolute treat:

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