What If Devin Hester Started His Career Now? And Other Bears Bullets

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What If Devin Hester Started His Career Now? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

After watching last night’s college basketball game, I’m going to spare you the: “Oh, so *THIS* is what it looks like when the Bears’ defense leads a team to a title.”

•   Given the benefit of time and hindsight, Devin Hester’s receiving career is underrated:

•   Moreover, I find myself curious as to how he would be deployed if his playing career began today. An unsuccessful run at cornerback wouldn’t have pushed teams to turn him into an outside receiver like the Bears did. But an innovative offensive mind would have created opportunities for him to get touches. It could have come as a receiver outside, in the slot, out of the backfield, on jet sweeps, and other avenues. Maybe Mecole Hardman is a comp? Perhaps how the Patriots used Cordarrelle Patterson is a blueprint? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But how long would his leash be? There is a certain impatience in coaches that nudges them toward finding quick fixes. And Hester was a project after being a college corner at Miami. Which makes me unsure if Hester would get a fair shake.

•   All in all, I’m glad Hester played in the era he did, for it is likely the last stretch of years in which special teams return excellence was valued as high as it should be. In more recent years, return aces are treated as interchangeable in many situations. And while I don’t agree with the assessment, I understand — that because there is an influx of talented returners with speed and dynamic play-making ability — why front offices believe they can unearth the next guy. Long story, short: I’m unsure if Hester gets a chance to play receiver if his career was getting started now.

•   Looking into the future, Jason La Canfora (CBS Sports) conjures up trade targets for receiver-needy teams. La Canfora lists the Bears amongst this group, so I found myself digging into the post. And even though I’m more interested in drafting someone from this class than trading draft picks for a sleeper target, La Canfora offers some intriguing targets. For instance, Tampa Bay’s Scotty Miller pops up as the type of burner the Bears could use in a number of different ways. Then again, I don’t see TB trading this WR as they prepare for a Super Bowl title defense.

•   Ah, well, we’ll always have this:



•   An old friend returns to Halas Hall:

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•   I got a kick out of this:

•   I don’t understand this logic:

•   When transactions happen, we analyze them in the moment based on what information we have at the time of it going down. Otherwise, we’re waiting until 2025? I understand disliking the over-analysis and extreme projections that come after a move happens. Declaring winners and losers off the jump is a dangerous game. But honest, balanced perspective should always be welcomed into the discussion.

•   The details of Vikings CB Jeff Gladney’s arrest are yikes:

•   ESPN shares a summary of the 22 lawsuits against Texans QB Deshaun Watson should have the NFL, which is eye-opening (to say the least).

Author: Luis Medina

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