End of the Tag Road, Hicks Hunting, Goldman Grinding, and Other Bears Bullets

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End of the Tag Road, Hicks Hunting, Goldman Grinding, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I don’t know what goes on Limp Bizkit’s set list in 2021, but I’ll find out tonight. Weather permitting, of course.

•   Today is a notable date on the NFL calendar, as it is the final day for players given the Franchise Tag to sign extensions with their current teams. If nothing goes down by 3 p.m. CT, then designated players will suit up while under the Franchise Tag. And while the tag pays either the average of the top-5 salaries at a player’s position (or 120 percent of their previous salary), there isn’t a player who doesn’t want the security of a multi-year deal. But as things stand right now, I’ll guess no one who was given the tag is getting a long-term extension:

•   This is all too similar to the Allen Robinson II situation. Remember how much we heard about the Bears valuing Robinson last summer? Time flies. But the big difference is that Tampa has built up some goodwill among fans by winning the Super Bowl. Proving that, once again, winning cures all.

•   It is mind-boggling how the Bears have fumbled the bag when it comes to the Robinson situation. And to think, it could get pricier from here. Once the tag deadline passes this afternoon, the Bears won’t be able to negotiate a new deal with Robinson until after the season. Meanwhile, the likes of Davante Adams, A.J. Brown, DK Metcalf, and Calvin Ridley could all jump the market anreset the market a few times over by then. So, what could be a $20 million AAV as fair market value for Robinson could jump a few million in the offseason to come. I’m willing to guess that number could jump to $25 million annually. In other words, the Bears could cost themselves $7 million by not being proactive here and not getting a deal done at this time last year. Ouch, babe.

•   As if Robinson needed more motivation, ESPN’s list of top-10 receivers snubbed him. As a reminder, ESPN’s poll is a result of votes from 50+ NFL players, coaches, scouts, and executives. It’s a jury of peers keeping Robinson on the outside looking in on the top-10. I’m obviously rooting for Robinson as a member of the Bears. But on an individual level, I hope he shows out in a big way!

•   I’m looking forward to seeing what Tarik Cohen can do once he is back at full strength:

•   Tarik Cohen racked up 1,169 scrimmage yards in a nice 2018 season. He found the end zone 8 times as a rusher/receiver, threw a touchdown, and led football in total punt returns and yards. The Bears missed that do-it-all dynamics last years. And even though it might be a while until he is at full strength, I’m curious to see what it looks like again when Cohen starts putting on all those hats.

•   Here’s to Akiem Hicks continuing to hunt as a member of the Chicago Bears until he decides he wants to hang ’em up:


•   Eddie Goldman sure looks like someone who plans on playing in 2021:

•   I’ll be looking forward to this:

•   Switching positions is all the rage these days:

•   Get well soon, Rich:


•   Big facts:

•   I knew I had seen this move before:



•   Ed Howard is Chicago’s very own and I hope the Jackie Robinson West Little League product and Mount Carmel High School grad keeps hitting:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.