Rams Without Cam, Don't Underestimate Hicks, Sleepy Tom, and Other Bears Bullets

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Rams Without Cam, Don’t Underestimate Hicks, Sleepy Tom, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I failed in my attempt to wake up early enough to do yoga next to Wrigley Field, but will try to do better for Thursday. This is my attempt at pushing myself to do it later in the week. Wish me luck!

•   Rookies can report to NFL training camps as early as today. Unfortunately, one of the league’s biggest stories ahead of camps opening pertains to a serious injury:

•   Rams running back Cam Akers suffered an Achilles injury and is expected to miss the 2021 season. Things were lining up for Akers to be Los Angeles’ top rushing option in 2021. I thought he was ready to take a significant leap. He led the team in rushing yards last year, and was primed to do damage again the regular season after shining in the playoffs. Akers, 22, had a breakout performance (28 carries, 131 yards, 1 TD) against the Seahawks in Round 1, then came back strong (18-90-1) in Round 2 against the Packers. The Rams have in-house options (Darrell Henderson) and could look onto the waiver wire for help. But in either case, being without your lead rusher stings. And with the Rams facing a stingy Bears rush “D” in Week 1, running it looks that much tougher.

•   Even if fully healthy, it’s tough to run against this guy:


•   There are few players I enjoy watching as much as Akiem Hicks. He is active at the line of scrimmage, a disruptor in the backfield, and plays with the type of energy you wish every player could. Hicks also growls like a real-life grizzly bear, which is pretty neat.

•   Remember that story last week about the Bears fan who was shot and wounded, but was like: “I can’t die before seeing Justin Fields take the field.” Well, he got to meet Justin Fields last night:


•   A very cool thing about Justin Fields: Having been THE DUDE at Ohio State, he is already very used to THIS level of “OMG FIELDS!” stuff. We can’t say that about every quarterback who comes through the NFL Draft. And I don’t imagine that’s an easy adjustment to make for guys climbing through the ranks. That Fields has already dealt with what could be a challenging adjustment for others puts him ahead of others when it comes to that curve.

•   I, for one, am glad the Saints aren’t on the Bears’ schedule this year. If only because I don’t want to deal with the annoyance of “will he or won’t he” start at QB:

•   This might seem like a small injury now, but the Vikings are no stranger to seeing small nicks turn into long-term problems:

•   Matt Nagy often talks about understanding the “why’s” when it comes to football, which is why this piqued my interest:

•   Remember, Staley was on Nagy’s staff when the Bears won 12 games in 2018. The best coaches always take something from everyone they work for along their paths. Just saying…

•   Facts:

•   Only the Raiders:

•   The NFL has been awfully quiet on this front. It’s still worth monitoring, though:

•   Tom Brady’s got jokes:

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