There it Is: Justin Fields Will Start On Sunday

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There it Is: Justin Fields Will Start On Sunday

Chicago Bears

No more need to play games, do the deflecting thing, or hide behind the cloak of obscurity.

It’s happening:

When the Chicago Bears face the Cleveland Browns this weekend, Justin Fields will be the QB1. It comes by way of an injury to Andy Dalton, but it comes just the same. Now Nagy will have an opportunity to show he can craft an offensive gameplan designed with Fields in mind, and Fields will have an opportunity to show this should be his job to run with, even after Dalton gets healthy.

Speaking of which:

All things considered, Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy pulling up with an unscheduled press conference and announcing Justin Fields will be the starting quarterback is an important step. Getting this out there, clearing the board of possible distractions, and pressing forward with Fields is the right move. It is smart for the team, its players, and also the quarterbacks room. That Nagy also made note that Andy Dalton is the starter when healthy is almost irrelevant because Dalton isn’t healthy. Cross that bridge if you get there, and not a moment sooner. Right now it’s just something you can say.

Until then, Dalton is out, as Fields moves up up the depth chart. Also sliding up is Nick Foles, who moves into the QB2 role. That probably puts a hold on any Foles-related trade rumors for the time being, if any even started to pop back up.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.