All Three Bears Coordinators Are Going into COVID Protocol

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All Three Bears Coordinators Are Going into COVID Protocol

Chicago Bears

We’ve hit a point on the sports calendar where COVID headlines feel overwhelming, as the NFL, NHL, and NBA are dealing with new cases on a variety of different levels. Locally, we’re seeing the wave of COVID news in the Bulls’ world. And it is has gotten to the point where games are being postponed and rescheduled.

So, while the Bears aren’t there just yet, Chicago’s football team is getting hit with it hard:

Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy told reporters that all three of his coordinators Bill Lazor (offense), Sean Desai (defense), and Chris Tabor (Special Teams) are going into COVID protocol. This leaves Nagy, who missed a game earlier this season due to being in COVID protocols, as the only coach standing for the time being. Does this mean Nagy will call all the plays? The idea of running the offense, defense, and special teams through Nagy is a little funny. Allow yourself to laugh about the concept of a coach appearing to be on borrowed time being the one left doing everything. An overly overwhelmed coach falling over himself to do everything is straight out of a sitcom. Hope the laugh track is ready.

In an attempt to find a silver lining in this, maybe the Bears can go full Varsity Blues on Monday Night Football. Let Andy Dalton reprise Paul Walker’s role of being the injured quarterback turned offensive play caller. Maybe Danny Trevathan can handle things on the defensive side. Perhaps DeAndre Houston-Carson can take the lead on special teams. I mean, if Don Mattingly can let Dodgers and Marlins players manage one of the final games of the baseball season, why can’t Matt Nagy do the same with some of his own players. This could be one of those can’t hurt, could help situations. At least until the coordinators make it through the other side of protocols.

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Author: Luis Medina

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