Around the NFL: Super Bowl Saturday? Rodgers Wants Your Sympathy, Payton to the Booth? Vikings Finish Second (Again), More

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Around the NFL: Super Bowl Saturday? Rodgers Wants Your Sympathy, Payton to the Booth? Vikings Finish Second (Again), More

Chicago Bears

We’re still a few days from the NFL’s conference championship weekend, but there’s still football to talk about. Could anything convince you that breaking tradition and moving the Super Bowl to a Saturday is a good idea?

Super Bowl … Saturday?

Frank Ruggeri of Palm Bay, Florida, has received more than 101,000 signatures since launching a petition to have the 2022 Super Bowl moved up a day. It would be nice to be able to sleep in the morning after enjoying a Super Bowl party…

Frank, I got news for you, buddy; the NFL isn’t changing a 58-year tradition to accommodate your bedtime or you being tired in first-period chemistry on Monday.

Despite Ruggeri getting over 101,000 signatures on his petition, this is an idea that will never happen. Personally, I’m torn on this. I feel like the Super Bowl is just synonymous with Sunday. At the same time, I sure would enjoy sleeping in the morning after indulging at the Super Bowl party.

While Frank might have a point, to an extent, I doubt that the idea ever gets any real consideration, regardless of the number of signatures that Ruggeri can string together.

Aaron Rodgers Wants Your Sympathy

It’s genuinely incredible how Aaron Rodgers’ WWE-style heel-turn has become his identity the past few years. It’s like he’s taken comfort in this role, and he feeds into it. Every time he has an opportunity to say something stupid, he takes full advantage. This time Aaron Rodgers proclaims that football fans rooted against the Packers in their NFC divisional-round game because of his stance on vaccinations.

While there probably were people who did root against him solely for his vaccination status, there are plenty of other reasons people root against Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers apologized for being “divisive” and claimed that he never wanted to be a polarizing figure in this debate. Rodgers went on to say, regarding his future in Green Bay and football in general, that one thing he will not do is retire and then come back:

Is there a more egotistical jack*** in the NFL than Aaron Rodgers? I don’t envy Packers fans right now.

Sean Payton to the Booth?

Sean Payton is stepping away from the New Orleans Saints, and FOX is already hot on his tail:

The body wasn’t even cold in New Orleans before the news that FOX wants to hire the former Saints head coach surfaced yesterday. The report also quickly doused any ideas people might have had about Payton coaching their favorite team next season. Payton is under contract in New Orleans through 2024, so if Payton were to find himself on another sideline before then, the team wishing to hire him would have to compensate the Saints for the hire. Is it conceivable that a team would be willing to pay the premium for Payton’s services? Sure.

But I have a feeling that Payton will take some time away from the sidelines this season. Wouldn’t you if you looked at your QB room and realized that you were about to go through another season of Taysom Hill, Trevor Siemian, and Jamies Winston rehabbing from a torn ACL?

Vikings Hire Kwesi Adofo-Mensah

The Vikings have a new GM today, making the hiring of Kwesi Adofo-Mensah official. Adofo most recently served as the Cleveland Browns’ vice president of football operations before taking the Vikings’ job.

The word on the street is that the Vikings preferred Ryan Poles to Adofo-Mensah, but the Bears swooped in Tuesday and snagged Poles. Kind of like they snagged Justin Fields, a quarterback that the Vikings were high on last spring heading into the draft and even tried to trade up for. Lu highlights the intra-divisional dunking by the Bears in here:

Extra Points:

•   Where does the Bills-Chiefs game rank all-time?

•   The Jets have never been the same since the but fumble…

•   The Jaguars have narrowed the search for their head coach down to two candidates, per Adam Schefter.

•   Schefty has the Jags still going through the process with the search down to Byron Leftwich and Matt Eberflus, but there’s also the belief that Leftwich is the guy in Jacksonville, and now it’s just a matter of numbers:

•   The sad part is, this guy actually believes this crap.

• LOL:

•   This is always one of the funniest recaps of the week that was in the NFL:

•   I’ll take things you love to see for $500, Alex.

•   Will Tom Brady take another run at Super Bowl ring No. 8 in 2022? The veteran QB is not making any decisions on his future just yet.

•   I get Bruce Arians isn’t going to come out and say that if Brady retires, the Bucs are screwed at the quarterback position, but him saying that “he likes what we have” in the Tampa Bay QB room beyond Brady is a bold statement. You could have opted to simply not comment. 😂

•   I’ll leave you with the latest Gridiron Heights from B/R:

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

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