Walk With Coach Flus, Fresh Starts Are Coming, Can Fields Get OCs Paid? and Other Bears Bullets

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Walk With Coach Flus, Fresh Starts Are Coming, Can Fields Get OCs Paid? and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Yo: You see this yet?

Okay, on with the rest of the afternoon bullets.

It is fitting that, on the same day where there were ample negative reactions to Matt Eberflus’ hiring as the next Bears head coach, DeMar “The Worst Move of the Offseason” DeRozan made the NBA all-star team. As a STARTER. Just some food for thought and some much-needed perspective as we head into the weekend.

•   There hasn’t been an announcement regarding a press conference or media availability for new Bears GM Ryan Poles or Head Coach Matt Eberflus just yet. But it isn’t stopping anyone from rolling out the red carpet for the new guys:

•   That’s a solid “Bear Down!” from the new guy. I dig it! Just like I’m into the sports coat/button-down with no tie look. I realize this isn’t a sports fashion blog (yet), but that combo is an ideal Friday vibe.

•   This tweet warmed my heart:

•   Now that we’ve had some time to let it sink in, do we – as a fandom – feel differently about the hire than we did when it initially came across the wire? I, for one, am essentially in the same place. Eberflus seems fine. It isn’t the most exciting hire, but we’ve been around the block enough times to see enough of those types of hires flame out in the most spectacular fashion. Maybe the ceiling isn’t as high, but the floor feels stable. We probably shouldn’t overlook that aspect. Because no one wants to re-live the bottoming out of the 2021 season ever again.

•   Mike Wilbon hitting bullseyes with these points:

•   Cheers to fresh starts:

•   Part of me is just glad this isn’t something we’re worrying about any more:

•   The Bears do have an offensive coordinator watch we’re obsessing over. Packers offensive assistant Luke Getsy is someone to keep an eye on in this race. As is former Bears QBs Coach Pep Hamilton, whose coaching star is burning hot right now.

•   Wouldn’t it be something if those coaching interviews were helpful in the process of finding a rock-star offensive coordinator:

•   Don’t get me wrong. I understand why people were thirsting over a potential offensive-leaning hire. If it was up to me, I probably would’ve gone with an offensive-minded option with previous head coaching experience. But if there is anything I took away from the John Fox era, it’s that there is no one “right” way to win a football game. In other words, if Justin Fields plays well enough to get a bunch of offensive coordinators paid, then I’ll gladly take the first-world football problems that come with it because it will mean QB1 is a freaking star.

•   No, I won’t act like the sky is falling in on the Bears. Because the truth is that it isn’t. However, I want to point out that Chicago’s offense, defense, and special teams will need work this offseason. The offensive needs are obvious, long-standing, and will be a topic we focus in on a ton this winter, spring, and summer. But let’s not over look a defense that has taken some steps back. And we shouldn’t look past the constant turnover that happens with special teams every year. For the Bears to win, a team effort is necessary.

•   Come on, now. Let’s not act like we didn’t see special teams lose the Packers a playoff game. And let’s not pretend that the Bengals defense forcing three interceptions didn’t play a major role in them making it to the AFC Championship Game. Yes, Joe Burrow is the star who got them there in the first place. No doubt that excellent quarterback play often prevails. But let’s not rob Peter to pay Paul. That does no good for no one.

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•   Hey, wait a minute! Neither of these guys are Carlos Correa:

•   Sigh:

Author: Luis Medina

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