Jaylon Johnson Wore a Cheesehead Because He Lost a Bet to a Packers Fan

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Jaylon Johnson Wore a Cheesehead Because He Lost a Bet to a Packers Fan

Chicago Bears

Losing to the Green Bay Packers hurts on its own.

But being a Chicago Bears player who loses that game and a side bet with a friend amplifies the pain by a thousand.

Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson felt all of that pain in a recent interview with 670 The Score’s Parkins and Spiegel Show, in which Chicago’s CB1 had to wear a Cheesehead after losing a bet with a friend who is a Packers fan.

“The best was if were were going to beat the Green Bay Packers,” Johnson said. “And I will have to wear this Cheesehead (if the Bears lost). So, I’m going too shamefully grab this and wear this in the interview. I’m a man of honor, so I’m going to put this on.”

What follows is tough to watch as a Bears:

Jeez! No wonder the NFL frowns upon its players wagering in-season. The consequences of losing are ROUGH.

Double or nothin’ in Week 13?

Cheesehead might be high fashion on the north side of the Illinois-Wisconsin border, but it’s not for everyone. And it’s certainly not for Johnson based on his reaction. Think former Bears teammate (now Packers punter) Pat O’Donnell has seen this yet? There’s no way this isn’t going around any and all group chats Johnson is in. Tough break, my guy.

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