REPORT: Commanders Owner Daniel Snyder Kick Starts a Potential Sale (UPDATE)

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REPORT: Commanders Owner Daniel Snyder Kick Starts a Potential Sale (UPDATE)

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If Daniel Snyder’s football life was a movie, his presence on the screen would be met with dark and ominous music. And it sets up for a potential plot twist that not even Snyder could see coming.

In the latest installment of As Snyder’s World Turns, reporting from Forbes details (1) the hiring of Bank of America Securities to explore a sale of the franchise, (2) a comment from the Commanders confirming as much, and (3) a notable caveat that could throw this whole thing for a loop:

Part of me wonders what in the heck is Snyder doing. Then again, there is always a part of my mind wondering that because he is the NFL’s most wildly unpredictable owner. There always seems to be drama following his every move.

With that being said, I’m not sure he is on board with selling the team. As Albert Breer points out above, the Forbes report comes with a notable caveat. It isn’t clear whether this is a team sale or if it is an exploration to unearth more minority shareholders. Whatever it turns out to be, this still marks for a newsworthy moment. This could very well be a moment in which Snyder is essentially begging for someone to blow his socks off with an offer. And the NFL definitely wants him to sell. One owner appears willing to rally the troops to vote Snyder out of the owner’s chair.

So … what are we waiting for? Let’s get this show on the road.

UPDATE (5:23 p.m. CT) — Uhhh, the timing concerning the announcement of the Snyders considering a sell coinciding with this report is awfully intriguing:

This situation is something we’ll continue monitoring.

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