Pack Gets Whacked, Velus' Second Chance, Let Sanborn Cook, Fields Top 100? And Other Bears Bullets

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Pack Gets Whacked, Velus’ Second Chance, Let Sanborn Cook, Fields Top 100? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Force wasn’t with me in my attempt to get Taylor Swift tickets. Then again, it wasn’t there for many of us, as tickets sold out during the pre-sale. I can’t believe we live in a world where the Cubs can figure out how to win a World Series and the Bears can draft a franchise quarterback, but Ticketmaster is essentially the .gif of the guy from “The Office” tripping over his own feet and fumbling the chili. Unbelievable.

  • Twitter isn’t dead. Not yet, at least. But if it was going to crash immediately in the wake of the site hemorrhaging key employees, we were leaving while playing the greatest hits:
  • Perhaps beating the Cowboys at home last Sunday was the fluke and losses like the one at the hands of the Titans yesterday are the new norm.
  • Seriously, Twitter can’t go down at a time when the Bears and Packers are the football equivalent of two ships passing in the night. The Bears’ arrow appears to be pointing up with a quarterback on the rise, while the Packers look to be going the other way with a declining Aaron Rodgers, a murky cap situation, and all sorts of disappointments throughout that roster. C’mon, Elon. Don’t nuke the site just yet. We’ve been waiting for a moment like this. Let us have it!
  • This was as good for the Titans as it was for my fantasy team:
  • A threat to run who can also throw a touchdown pass? Derrick Henry did a nice impression of Justin Fields last night. Game recognize game.
  • The Falcons claim to have a plan to contain Fields. Good luck with that. (670 The Score)
  • Bally’s EP of Gaming, Brad Evans, has the Fields rushing yards prop opening at 71.5 and I’m tempted to take the OVER. And if I can, I’d like to bet that Fields runs for more yards on Sunday than the Falcons have given up all year to running backs. That number is in the low-90s, so I realize I’d pretty much be wagering on the odds of a third consecutive 100-yard game for Fields. But wagering, when done right, is supposed to be fun. So … let’s have some fun with it.
  • Nothing gets me going like a Baldy breakdown:
  • You can’t game plan for any of that what’s happening above!
  • Folks just can’t keep their eyes off Fields. This is what it’s like when you have a quarterback on the rise doing things no Bears QB has ever done before.
  • Hey … do we think Justin has a chance to make next year’s NFL Top 100 list?
  • Mic’d Up Darnell Mooney is as fun as you’d think it would be:
  • Hmmm. Alex Shapiro (NBCS Chicago) lays out a case why Velus Jones Jr. should return to the active roster this week against the Falcons after being a healthy scratch. Much of it has to do with the roster vacancy created by Khalil Herbert’s trip to IR. Jones should be able to run the ball on an end around, get it on a gadget play, or a jet sweep. He could even be a decoy on a number of select plays. But for me, I just want to see the Bears get something useful out of a third-round pick. I realize Jones hasn’t been good this year, but I feel as if it is too early to deem him to be a total loss. It’ll be up to coaches to make the most out of a player who hasn’t lived up to their potential.
  • On the other side of the ball, I see NFL Network personality Peter Schrager setting a high bar for Bears linebacker Jack Sanborn:
  • Fun with small samples: Extrapolate Sanborn’s stats from his two starts after the Roquan Smith trade and the Lake Zurich product’s per 17-game numbers would look like this: 162 total tackles (136 solo), 17 sacks, 17 tackles-for-loss, and 17 quarterback hits. I’d eat an entire cake if I could lock in those season-long numbers for Sanborn right now.
  • Remember the last time the Bears and Falcons squared off?
  • What a dynamic duo these two were:
  • It’s a big deadline day for the Cubs’ roster crunch:
  • The Bulls are riding the struggle bus right now and we’re all worried:
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