Sleeper Free Agent Fits, Gordon on the Rise, Stephen A. Owns Rodgers, and Other Bears Bullets

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Sleeper Free Agent Fits, Gordon on the Rise, Stephen A. Owns Rodgers, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t paying too close attention to the forecast, but waking up to snow on the ground wasn’t something I was expecting today. Perhaps I’ll take an afternoon snooze, wake up from it, and then see that it has disappeared. Wishful thinking? Sure. But it is a good time of year for it.

  • I found myself chuckling nervously thinking about how the statement from Daniel Jeremiah is applicable to any number of position groups:
  • SPIN ZONE: The Bears have so many needs that there is no way they can make a pick that has us questioning positional need. It would be nice to see that list of needs shrink ahead of NFL Draft weekend. And with approximately $98 million in space under the cap, I think GM Ryan Poles can fill some holes on the roster.
  • It seems as if ESPN analyst Matt Bowen has some ideal free agent targets who could be on Chicago’s radar:
  • It would be neat if the Bears could make big, splashy moves to bring high-profile names into the building. But we’ve seen so many times over the years that the best additions are not the big-name players. And with as many needs as this team has on both sides of the ball, I’d be all for spraying to all fields in free agency. Dabble everywhere. Fill holes with plug-and-play guys now, then do well by drafting long-term starters in the coming seasons. Oh, if it was only as easy as typing it out on this screen.
  • Speaking of building through the draft, I’m reminded that the NFL Scouting Combine is coming. Last year, Kyler Gordon opened some eyes…
  • … And then a month after showing out at the Combine, Gordon was the first draft pick of the Poles era. Gordon might’ve gotten off to a slow start as a rookie, but late-season interceptions of Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen were signs that he had leveled up down the stretch. Getting off to a better beginning is of the utmost importance in 2023. However, I believe that a solid ending to the year makes me think it can happen.
  • Even though it sounds like the Chiefs are tagging Orlando Brown Jr., I like where CHGO’s Adam Hoge is going with this line of thinking:
  • I think Hoge hits bullseye in identifying Brown as one of those premier free agents who could be worthy of the big payday they figure to get this offseason. Every offseason has a handful of players who prove the juice is worth the squeeze. Getting a stud offensive tackle would constitute a wise free agency investment. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Brown is in the cards. But, hey, stranger things have happened. And K.C. hasn’t tagged Brown yet. The Chiefs have until March 7 to make a decision on that front.
  • Is the best answer to this the Bears?
  • There was apparently mutual interest in a Bears reunion. And I’m not wholly against it. But there are a handful of teams that could also have interest in Montgomery. It’s not as if we don’t see teams who see running backs as a final piece of the offensive puzzle when free agency rolls around. With that being said, it is easy for me to see a team that sees a hard-nosed runner like Montgomery as someone who can round out the RBs room. I’m not sure which team is the perfect fit. But with as many quality rushers as there are set to hit the market, we could see a fun game of backfield musical chairs. Stay tuned.
  • Stephen A. Smith clowning Aaron Rodgers makes for tremendous content:
  • Important dates coming up on the football calendar:
  • Chicago Cubs baseball returns TODAY:
  • The PatBev era is off to a strong start:
  • Our hockey friends remain on Patrick Kane Trade Watch:

Author: Luis Medina

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