Even When He Was With the Packers, Robert Tonyan Dreamed of Playing for the Bears

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Even When He Was With the Packers, Robert Tonyan Dreamed of Playing for the Bears

Chicago Bears

That Bears-Packers rivalry is littered with players who have played on both sides.

And Robert Tonyan will be next in a long line of footballers who have played both sides of the cheddar curtain.

But what makes Tonyan different than many of the others who have suited up in this rivalry is that he brings a fan aspect to it. Tonyan, from nearby McHenry, grew up a Bears fan and was always hoping he’d end up playing for this team. Maybe he didn’t imagine playing tight end. However, Chicago’s football team is making good on Tonyan’s childhood dream of playing for his hometown team. And it isn’t something Tonyan is taking for granted:

Oh, dang. Tonyan has been with the Bears for one day and he already prefers it to the Packers. That’s my read on the situation and I’m sticking to it. After all, Tonyan has good reason to be pumped up about the move. Not only is he getting to live out his boyhood fantasies, but he is also set to play with Justin Fields — who might be the best Bears QB Tonyan has ever seen the Bears put on the field. And he gets to play with the best quarterback in the NFC North. Everything is coming up Tonyan!

I wonder if Tonyan’s Bears brain ever imagined catching passes from a Bears quarterback who can do this:

If you’re paying attention, then you’ll notice all of the connections above are between Fields and a tight end. And I’m hoping to see Tonyan join in on the fun this year. That first touchdown catch for him will be extra special, I’m sure. Here’s to it being one of a dozen touchdown grabs for the newest Bears tight end.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.