How Much Do You Have in Common with Justin Fields?

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How Much Do You Have in Common with Justin Fields?

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I feel like we’re only beginning to peel back the layers on Justin Fields.

Last year, Fields came out of his football shell with a breakout 2022 campaign that saw him break Bears records and load up highlight reel plays. But lately, we’ve been seeing Fields become more visible in non-football settings, and watching it all in real time is kinda fun.

In a video post from GQ Sports, Fields lists the 10 things he can’t live without. The results will range from the very relatable to, well … laughing out loud because *spoilers redacted because I want you to watch the video*.

In any case, if you want to know more about Fields, then this video clip is for you:

I love what Fields has to say about football and its impact on his life.

“This is my love right here,” Fields says while twirling a football in the video. “It just taught me a lot of lessons on life. I think there’s a lot of life lessons in the game of football, you know, when things might not be going your way or something like that. … There’s just nothing like football.”

So refreshing to hear someone’s love for the game come through in such a short clip.

Otherwise, I don’t have too many takeaways from a fun, seven-minute clip. Although, I do want a Justin Fields curated playlist. Drop it on Tidal or Spotify. Give us your pre-game bops, post-game wind-downs, road trip blaps, and everyday jams. Also … maybe I need to try açaí bowls. They’re trending now and if it is good enough for QB1, maybe it will be good enough for me.

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