The Bears Handed Out Numbers to Their Rookie Draft Picks

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The Bears Handed Out Numbers to Their Rookie Draft Picks

Chicago Bears

Completion of the NFL Draft means new faces are coming to town soon.

And with new names come new numbers.

The Chicago Bears have given their following rookie draft picks these numbers:

  • 58: Darnell Wright, OT
  • 98: Gervon Dexter Sr., DT
  • 29: Tyrique Stevenson, CB
  • 96: Zacch Pickens, DT
  • 30: Roschon Johnson, RB
  • 13: Tyler Scott, WR
  • 44: Noah Sewell, LB
  • 32: Terell Smith, CB
  • 73: Travis Bell, DT
  • 36: Kendall Williamson, S

Seeing some of these numbers on new players might take some time getting used to for us.

For instance, seeing 58 not on Roquan Smith will be weird. But I’m sure Darnell Wright will do right by a number also worn by Bears legend Wilber Marshall. Whenever I see 13, I’ll always think of Johnny Knox — even though he hasn’t played since 2011. Then again, there is something about Tyler Scott’s game that reminds me of Knox. Maybe that’ll prove to be a thing. Akiem Hicks was one of my favorite Bears, so I’m hoping Zacch Pickens can channel the same kind of energy by wearing No. 96.

And for others, a number is an opportunity to carve your own path. I don’t have any fond memories of Bears players wearing 30, 32, or 73. Perhaps Roschon Johnson, Terell Smith, and Travis Bell will change that for us with how they play the game.

As for my favorite numbers, Jaquan Brisker is living up to the lofty expectations I have for the number 9 (which I wore as a Little Leaguer). As for my other favorite number (21), I’m rooting D’Onta Foreman to come through with a strong first impression upon arrival.

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Author: Luis Medina

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