Weekend Doughnuts, More Korchinski Praise, Digital Dasherboards, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

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Weekend Doughnuts, More Korchinski Praise, Digital Dasherboards, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

Chicago Blackhawks

Monday’s an off day for the Blackhawks after a rough weekend that saw the team score (counts on fingers) zero goals. The games against Detroit and Minnesota (in Milwaukee) were competitive for two periods and then the wheels fell off in both games.

  • I made this point on Twitter and in my thoughts about the game last night, but let’s say it again a little bit louder for those in the back. Yes, the Blackhawks looked miserable offensively this weekend. And yes, they are going to struggle to score goals the entire season. But the rosters in the two games were loaded with players who are going back to the AHL and juniors this week.
  • If you replace Cole Guttman and Kale Howarth with Jonathan Toews and Taylor Raddysh, the offense is probably going to be better.
  • That being said, the Blackhawks need to shoot the puck to score, and that’s been a huge problem.
  • Seth Jones knows when the box score — what there was of one, since the NHL apparently didn’t feel the need to score the game — shows the Blackhawks put a dozen shots on net in 60 minutes it isn’t good enough. He went ahead and stated the obvious after the game: [clears throat and preps for an old school 300-level shout] SHOOT IT!
  • Jones also had some strong thoughts on Kevin Korchinski from the preseason. Personal opinion: the Blackhawks knew what they were doing when they targeted him in the draft. we need to be patient with his development, but he looks like an elite defensemen who could change the dynamics on the blue line. Yeah, it sucks that it cost the Blackhawks Alex DeBrincat to get the pick that was used on Korchinski. But if he’s the goods, that trade will feel better in five years than it does today.
  • I had a few brief thoughts after the loss in Milwaukee.
  • The NHL announced a new piece of technology you might — or might not — notice this season. The NHL has partnered with Supponor to have Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards (DED), a dynamic dasherboard advertising platform that will be in play this season.
  • The DED system will allow all camera-visible arena dasherboards within local, national, and international NHL game broadcasts to be digitally replaced by teams and broadcast partners. Why does this matter? It’s another revenue stream for the league and teams (read: higher salary cap).

“Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards will revolutionize the way properties and broadcasters interact with brands across the world, not only in the NHL, but in all sports,” Keith Wachtel, NHL Chief Business Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, said in the NHL release. “This has been a significant undertaking for the League, which has included years of developing, testing and readying the technology for League-wide implementation. We are thrilled to partner with Supponor to bring this game-changing technology to life this season and provide increased opportunity and value to our business partners.”

  • Notre Dame got things under way on Sunday and their first goal came from Blackhawks prospect Ryder Rolston.
  • Finally, in the “things you love to see” category, the Mets refused to really go for it at the deadline and it might cost them their best chance at a championship in almost 40 years.

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Author: Tab Bamford

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