D-Rose Memories, Free Agent Point Guards, Cam Reddish, Free Stuff, and Other Bullets

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D-Rose Memories, Free Agent Point Guards, Cam Reddish, Free Stuff, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

The Raptors coming back and winning three-straight games in this Eastern Conference Finals is surprising.

Toronto’s bench has been coming up huge over the past two games with Fred VanVleet balling out (just as well as suspected). If the Raptors win the next game, this would be a pretty insane choke job by the Bucks, especially considering the utter dominance that Giannis Antetokounmpo had over the course of the season.

My question to all of you, are you happy about this? The Bucks are the team up north, and I feel like Bulls fans wouldn’t normally mind seeing them get a finals appearance ripped away from them. Although, Giannis is just a pretty well-liked guy and a Buck-Warriors matchup seems more intriguing that Warriors-Raptors, right?

  • It’s Friday, so let’s celebrate! Here is D-Rose putting Joel Anthony on a poster during the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals eight years ago today. Remember, Rose checks in at six-foot-two whereas Anthony stands six-foot-nine. I mean, the dunk just gets more incredible every time you watch it. Rose literally looked like he was floating. He completely shifted his body to the other side of the basket in mid-air. Also, I have to mention it, the underrated part of this highlight is easily Carlos Boozer screaming his head off. The belt of pure adrenaline from merely watching that dunk helped represent how we were all feeling as we un-athletically sat on our couch and watched.

  • It’s time now for your daily Bulls point guard discussion. We have talked about the Bulls solving issues in the draft so far, but it appears just as likely that the team could pursue an available point guard in free agency. Whether they are restricted or unrestricted free agents, several interesting point guard candidates will be available to offer this summer. The Bulls have already expressed interest toward Celtics point guard Terry Rozier, according to The Athletics Darnell Mayberry and we’ll have more on that later today. Another name that has been in the discussion has also been Chicago-native Patrick Beverley. Both share a rather larger-than-life personality that could bring the right kind of energy into the organization. However, neither really standout on the stat sheet.
  • More recently, the Bucks Malcolm Brogdon has come into the conversation as a desired free agent target. NBC Sports Chicago Mark Schanowski broke this down a little further. No doubt, Brogdon would be a great addition to the Bulls roster, heck, he would be a great addition to add to any roster. The former Rookie of the Year checks all the boxes and appears to only be getting better. With that being said, the Bulls will likely not be able to provide him the best offer. Not to mention, the Bucks may try to keep him around. The team has a lot of money tied up in Eric Bledsoe now after offering him a four-year $70 million dollar deal this season, but Brogdon is the type of assist that’s hard to just let walk away.

  • The rollercoaster of the NBA Draft. In yesterday’s bullets, we pointed out the praise of Reddish from ESPN Analyst Mike Schmitz. He mentioned that Reddish shoots such an easy ball, NBC Sports Chicago Mark Strotman points out something a little bit different…


  • Bulls win in four. Thank u, next.

  • And finally: Here’s a little structural change to Free Agency to keep in mind as the offseason approaches:

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.