Is Jalen Rose Hinting at a Huge Bulls Draft Day Trade?

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Is Jalen Rose Hinting at a Huge Bulls Draft Day Trade?

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So, this is kind of wild. Jalen Rose is a pundit who isn’t really in the news-breaking, Woj Bomb business, and I don’t want to act like what I’m sharing is him dropping a serious rumor.

But you cannot watch this, the way it plays out – together with David Jacoby’s tease – and not think Rose is at least allowing the *implication* that he knows something to stand:

To be sure, this kind of swap – the No. 7 and LaVine for the No. 4 and Ball – is not entirely out of the blue, as Ball has been an obvious trade candidate since the Lakers sent him to the Pelicans, and there have been some Bull-attached rumors. Moreover, folks have speculated openly about the Bulls’ desire to move up to No. 4, and perhaps their willingness to deal LaVine. If Rose were simply coming up with something for discussions’ sake, it’s not as if this would have been difficult to offer up.

But, man, there’s just something about the way it was put there, right? I don’t think I’m wrong that maybe Rose has heard a little something. It’s not a guarantee that anything happens, but it just had the feel of a dude who was taking a guess based on information he’s heard.

Stay tuned.

Author: Brett Taylor

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