Satoransky's Dominance, Who Could Stop Kobe? The Other Coby, and Other Bullets

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Satoransky’s Dominance, Who Could Stop Kobe? The Other Coby, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Shoutout to Starbucks for allowing a solid work environment with WiFi no matter where you are. Oh, and for reference: I’m writing these bullets from a location in the middle of the Hoosier state.

Also, sorry Indiana, but “Hoosier” is still such a mysterious and strange word.

  • Satoransky continued his strong play during the FIBA World Cup, and this time helped pick up the W for the Czech Republic against Japan 89-76.

  • Satoransky may not have posted as many points as his Game 1 performance against Team USA, but he improved even more in the assists and rebounds category. For Bulls fans out there, this should be an even more encouraging side, with the team’s glaring need for a true facilitator. The point guard situation is a bit iffy heading into the season with Kris Dunn still on the roster, but the Bulls will have plenty of fresh film to evaluate Satoransky.
  • While the team would probably never admit it, Satoransky’s performance during this FIBA World Cup could surely play a role in him earning the starting role. The Bulls have natural scorers in Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen, and it’s safe to assume both would benefit strongly from the addition of a true point guard. Sure, Satoransky’s size may allow for him to play other positions, but his ability to dish out the basketball is something the Bulls haven’t had in a point guard since the rebuild began.
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  • Speaking of Sato, the man can fly.

  • More of those awesome pictures can be found here, by the way:

  • Ah, the NBA offseason; a time where we pose an abundance of hypotheticals to get fans riled up.

  • NBA fans were so invested in this question via the Sports Center Twitter account that “Scottie Pippen” started trending on Twitter and rightfully so. Pippen is probably the best choice here, and I can see Kawhi Leonard coming in as a close second. However, those online pointed out that Kobe Bryant has literally called out Tony Allen for being an all-time defender, so he should probably be on this list as well. Either way, give me Pippen or Kawhi … and then I’ll take MJ because that man can do anything.
  • Oh, crap, I take that back.

  • Seriously though, this was Wizards’ Jordan, he probably let Kobe go-off out of the kindness of his own heart. Don’t @ me Lakers’ fans.
  • You also know it’s the NBA offseason when Cristiano Felicio wearing goggles is a big deal.
  • This was a couple of days ago, but it’s never a bad time to share some #CobyConten.

  • All of the numbers.

Author: Elias Schuster

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