Start Satoransky for Dunn's Benefit, Gafford's Preparation, Rose, LeBron, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Start Satoransky for Dunn’s Benefit, Gafford’s Preparation, Rose, LeBron, and Other Bulls Bullets

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  • Daniel Gafford’s preparation for the NBA Draft was kind of insane. The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry breaks down the rookie’s two months in Miami that completely changed his body, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Throughout his time at Arkansas, Gafford was already viewed as one of the more athletic centers, but it’s scary to think that in just a two months span his vertical jumped (pun intended) from 31.8 to 36.5 inches. You have to imagine, if this is how fast he can make some serious improvements off the court, then NBA-level workouts could get him game-ready sooner rather than later.
  • Head coach Jim Boylen has already talked plenty about the big man, and it sounds like his biggest issue so far is understanding the rhythm of the professional game. Boylen told reporters: “What he has to learn how to do is play and breathe, play and recover, and get to the next assignment.” I’m going to go further into the whole center situation a bit later, so keep an eye out for that.
  • I CAN TASTE THE BASKETBALL! (It taste like rubber)

  • Whenever someone points out Dunn’s numbers with Zach LaVine off the court, Bulls Twitter acts like it’s this big revelation. Not only has this conversation been had many times in the past, but … isn’t it just kind of obvious when you watch them play? Dunn needs the ball to be his best self. In college, he was known for his elite ability to drive toward the hoop. And, while we’re at it, he was also a pretty darn good facilitator. Just remember: He was drafted No. 5-overall for a reason. The real problem is, Zach LaVine is just better, and if he needs to ball, he gets it. Dunn coming off your bench (with Coby at the two sometimes) could make for a very solid second unit.
  • I’d like to know your thoughts on this.

  • I TOTALLY understand where D-Rose is coming from, but do you think if he went it would have actually made a difference? My guess is no. Although, it’s probably worth pointing out that in today’s NBA this would be more important.
  • Do you think it’s awkward for Fred Hoiberg’s current players to ask him what it was like to coach in the NBA? Anyway, he’s showing his players a bunch Robin Lopez film apparently.
  • If Justin Simon is spinning that ball while it’s on a tilted axis in the third picture, then that man’s a wizard.

  • Yeah … admittedly I was one of those people.


  • ICYMI: Gafford is fine, but Chandler Hutchison is looking like he’ll be out another two weeks. Ugh.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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