Living Up to the Hype, Jerry Krause's Villainy, the Bulls Traveling Cocaine Circus, a "Former Chicago Resident," and Other Bulls Bullets

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Living Up to the Hype, Jerry Krause’s Villainy, the Bulls Traveling Cocaine Circus, a “Former Chicago Resident,” and Other Bulls Bullets

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I’m highly debating whether I should re-watch the first two episodes of The Last Dance already.

• Same, Zachary.

• Last night, our lives were made just a bit better with the long-awaited release of The Last Dance. Did it live up to the hype? Uh, abso-freaking-lutely. Every single second was fantastically captivating. And to add to the fun, it felt like everyone and their mother stopped in their tracks to tune in. I mean, this truly felt like the cliché early high school house party in literally any movie – Come on, anybody who’s everybody is going to be there! With streaming services and wire-cutting becoming all the rage, these must-watch television events have greatly subsided. Sure, some live sporting events can attract a major audience, but it’s so rare that something of this style can get such a massive audience on their couch. Of course, the unfortunate situation we’re in plays the biggest role in making that happen, but it’s still so fun to feel like you’re watching with a bunch of friends when, in reality, you’re in pajamas and sipping a beer alone (don’t judge).

• Also, did anyone else think how crazy it would have been if we had social media during the 90s? Michael Jordan and the Bulls would be trending worldwide every single day.

• In the first two episodes, we learned (or were reminded) of quite a lot. The stage was set perfectly to demonstrate just how hard it is to be great. When a franchise enters the dynasty conversation, its greatest opponent becomes itself. Eventually, it feels like there is nowhere left to go. I know it’s crazy to think plateauing at greatness is a burden, but this is the same time people begin to feel entitled. The ego comes into play. And, in this case, it was Jerry Krause’s ego.

• Last night’s first two episodes made one thing very clear: Krause is our villain. Supposedly jealous of Jordan’s superstardom and the lack of credit coming his way, Krause was determined to start anew. He wanted to rebuild, and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf followed suite.

• We watched as a dysfunctional front office began to cripple the foundation. Scottie Pippen wanted out, Phil Jackson’s days were numbered, Jordan hated Krause, and the team was on edge. This disconnect between the players and the front office (while funny) is cringe-worthy when put in perspective. Not to mention, the whole story about Krause demanding a minutes-restriction on Jordan during the 1985-86 season gave off an all-too-familiar feeling. The Bulls organization not fighting hard enough to win games is a deeply rooted issue. Also, think about it, this was the organization John Paxson observed. When he eventually took over, this was his benchmark. Sure, the Bulls won championships, but that was because Michael Jordan could single-handedly overcome the inner-turmoil. Paxson didn’t necessarily learn from the best.

• Side-note: With all that said, Krause did have one heck of a career as GM. He was still pivotal in creating and sustaining a championship-caliber organization. Unfortunately, the guy just had an epic fall from grace.

• ANYWAY, this should all get us incredibly excited for the new era. For the first time in decades, the Bulls are transitioning to an entirely new organizational structure! Woohoo! Speaking of which, when the heck are we going to get some juicy updates on the GM situation?

• Jordan addressing the 1984 team being coked-up at all times was hilarious.

• The Portland Trail Blazers picking Sam Bowie at No. 2 instead of Michael Jordan in the 1984 NBA Draft is at least way worse than the Bears trading up to No. 2 to get Mitch Trubisky.


• John Paxson handing him $10 million to basically sit on the bench during the 2003-04 season kind of made up for what the Bulls did to him … but still, this was absurd. NBC Sports Chicago talked more about it here.

• Sorry, Tracy, I’ll take Scottie 10 times out of 10.

• Weird they just let a random Chicago resident in on this documentary.

• NBC Sports Chicago is airing the 1998 championship run!

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