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Michael Jordan Gets Real, SNL’s Parody, the “Other” Bulls, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

You wake up and see this in the corner of your room …

What do you do?

•   Last night’s episodes of The Last Dance were the best yet. I mean, just WOW. Throughout those two hours, we finally got the raw look at Michael Jordan’s competitiveness we were waiting for. He was harsh, lethal, and gave absolutely zero … you know whats. It was the Jordan we heard about for decades but never appeared under the spotlight. And we get to experience this not only through awesome behind-the-scenes footage, but also through Jordan’s own words. Much like he did on the court, Jordan has left everything in his big white comfy chair. He’s let us into his brain, the same one that was locked in a safe and hidden with a happy-go-lucky cardboard cutout.

•   If anyone ever wants to understand who the real Michael Jordan is, I’m just going to show them the end of Episode 7.

•   Jordan holding back tears as he shakily advises “if you don’t want to play that way, don’t play that way” is exactly what makes him so special. Honestly, you can read into this in so many different ways, but on the surface, it simply shows how much he cared about this game. Jordan said he wanted to win at all costs, and this shows why. We’re dealing with a guy who wanted to win so badly, that even the thought of it 22 years later brings him to tears. His attachment and love for the game is unparalleled.

•   Do I think Jordan regrets any of his actions? Heck no. Not for a second. I think he believes he cared for this game more than any other person on the planet, and that’s why he sits there so emotional today. Players say all the time that the money doesn’t matter and the fame isn’t important, but I truly believe Jordan meant it. For Jordan, you couldn’t put a price on winning. I think this is why we’ve seen him fade into the background. He physically couldn’t do the thing he loved at the highest level. In other words, he couldn’t care for the game in the way he was supposed to. Perhaps this is the greater reason we watch him fight back tears. Do I think he’s unhappy? Not necessarily. Do I think he feels incomplete? Yeah. I mean, why else did he return to the game two times?

•   Okay, back to the funny stuff. Jordan has given us some golden reaction during this documentary.


•   I can only imagine how he’ll respond to Reggie Miller’s comments from the end of Episode 8.

•   I’ve brought this up before, but I’m baffled by the fact that this team could keep winning championships with such an unstable front office environment. If anything, that’s just another bullet to add to the “reasons why Jordan is the GOAT list.” The guy was sooooo good he could overcome all this crap.

•   Woah, I can’t believe they got a Daffy interview. This dude has been so hard to book for years.

•   Lol and then you have Zach LaVine who has only won three games in a row once while with the Bulls (for real though, beat the T-Wolves, Magic, and Celtics from Feb. 13th-23rd). Poor guy.

•   Hey, the Bulls liked Dickey Simpkins so much they traded him away just so they could sign him again.

•   I love these.


•   You know something is a big deal when SNL has to make fun of it.

Author: Elias Schuster

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