Patrick Williams Got a Bag from Nikola Vucevic for His Jersey Number

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Patrick Williams Got a Bag from Nikola Vucevic for His Jersey Number

Chicago Bulls

He may be the second-youngest player in the NBA, but he is already striking business deals like a vet.

According to the latest episode of The Run With Us series released by BullsTV, Williams agreed to deal his No. 9 jersey number to Nikola Vucevic for “an undisclosed amount of money.”

Assistant Equipment Manager Steve Pankow briefly shared the story, saying the number has always been very important to the Bulls new All-Star.

Okay, so Williams didn’t actually play hardball with his new teammate. Pankow says that Vucevic was the one to initially make the offer to Williams, and he later reveals that Williams was more than willing to switch things up.

Still, I give the rookie credit. We have no idea exactly the kind of connection he had with the number himself, but regardless, it takes a sense of selflessness to fork over something likethat to the new guy in town. I guess that just goes to show (1) Williams’ character and (2) how excited he is to have another big-time talent on the roster. Hey, maybe Vooch will be extra nice to him on the court now too.

Check out the full episode of Run With Us below:

Author: Elias Schuster

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