I Guess Hard Work Pays Off? Ayo Went to Just *Two* Parties During His College Days

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I Guess Hard Work Pays Off? Ayo Went to Just *Two* Parties During His College Days

Chicago Bulls

Work hard, play hard – unless you’re Ayo Dosunmu.

For the Chicago Bulls’ sophomore guard, the saying went something more like “work hard, work harder” during his time at the University of Illinois. In a wide-ranging recent interview with SportsZone Chicago’s Lance C Irvin and Joshua Palmer, Dosunmu spoke about his illustrious college career and shared one piece of information that caught everyone by surprise:

“When you’re a basketball player, you’re not really going to all those frat houses, all those parties,” Dosunmu said. “You’re really focused on your game. Me, I never went to a party. I don’t really know who was out there. I would go to the gym, go back to my dorm, go to the gym the next morning, come back to my dorm.”

When asked to clarify his statement about never attending a party, Dosunmu went on to recall the TWO times he ever tapped into the college lifestyle.

“I went to a party on my official visit, when I first went on my official visit. That was my first time. Then, I think my sophomore year on my birthday, I think I went out. So I went out twice my whole three years there.” 

While no one is doubting the strict and tiring schedule of a college athlete, everyone has some time to blow off some steam, right!? Not to mention, whether it be walking into the bar cover-free or stealing someone’s spot at the beer pong table, Dosunmu represents the kind of on-campus celebrity who could’ve been the king of every party!

I guess it just goes to show the kind of mentality that Dosunmu carries when it comes to achieving his dreams. And I’d bet he doesn’t have any regrets about missing the occasional wild night, especially now that he’s sporting an NBA jersey (oh, and has a couple of million dollars in his bank account).

(Michael: Eli and I both went to UIUC … And I’m just saying, he should’ve gone to Kams a couple times).

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.