Just Kidding About Turning Japanese

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Just Kidding About Turning Japanese

Chicago Cubs

So that mystery report from a blog I’ve never heard of, citing a
source I’ve never heard of, turned out to be bunk. I, for one, am
absolutely shocked.

Cubs officials denied a report that the team was close to
signing Japanese left-hander Ken Takahashi.
Japan-based Sports Hochi reported the possible signing on Sunday
night. If the team did find another lefty, the Cubs could slide Sean
Marshall into the rotation. As of now, Marshall and Neal Cotts are the
only left-handers in the bullpen. Cubs.com.

Maybe the Cubs will pursue another lefty for the pen – especially if
Marshall ends up in the rotation – and maybe they will look at a
Japanese lefty or two. But if they do, and the guy is 40 years old,
you can bet it’s not going to be more than a Spring Training invite.

Which is precisely what I said before. Me – 1. Cublogoverse – 637. But
I used to have 0.

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Author: AceRemote