The Cublogoverse is Awarding Things

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The Cublogoverse is Awarding Things

Chicago Cubs

cublogoverseSo Cubscast – an excellent Chicago Cubs podcast – annually shoots out some e-awards for the best Cubs blogs and sites on the ‘net. They take nominations from the world at large, and then select the winners.

We need to know what you consider to be the best Cubs websites — and we’re taking nominations in each of the following categories:

Best Cubs Blog – Individual Author

Best Cubs Blog – Multiple Author

Best Cubs Site – Overall – Non-Blog

Best Cubs Player Site

Best Former Cubs Player Site

Best Cubs Humor Site

Best Worst Cubs Rival Fan Site

Best Original Cubs-Related YouTube Video

Excellence in Diction – Best Original Cubs-Related Word, Phrase, or Nickname

Cubs Personality Lifetime Achievement Award

via Cubscast · Now Accepting Nominations for the 2nd Annual “Best Cubs Website Awards” Presented by Cubscast.

Should be a great way to find some of the best Cubs sites out there. Now, far be it from me to be a hapless shill for his own work.

On a totally unrelated note, I would suggest that those who haven’t yet checked out The Cubs Brickyard to do so. And then if you find it to be funny, I wouldn’t complain if you were so moved as to nominate it for Best Cubs Humor Site. You know, whatever.

Latest article headline from The Brickyard: Ronny Cedeno Starting to Suspect Cubs Aren’t Really Taking Him to the Park.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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