Carlos Zambrano Has the Body of a Greek God

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Carlos Zambrano Has the Body of a Greek God

Chicago Cubs

Not more than a week after Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano proclaimed himself “lazy,” with particular reference to his abdominal workouts, he’s now completely flipped on himself.

Now, he wants you to know he’s not lazy. Oh, and apparently when he lifts up his shirt, he looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model.

He was particularly upset by a Carol Slezak column in the Sun-Times this week that included this message: ”If I were running the Cubs, I’d be looking for a way to make this lazy pitcher somebody else’s problem.”

Zambrano’s response: ”That lady that says I was lazy, I want to see her on Tuesday. I want to be with no shirt so that she can see my body, and she can see what type of body I have. If I’m lazy, lazy people don’t have this body, so I’m going to show her my guns so that she can call me lazy again.

”I’m sorry, people get hurt. We are human, and we get hurt. … We are not machines.” CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Looks great without a shirt? Check.

Has “guns”? Check.

Hitting on Carol Slezak? I think maybe.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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