OMGranderson: Cubs Out of It for Curtis Granderson?

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OMGranderson: Cubs Out of It for Curtis Granderson?

Chicago Cubs

File this one under please-be-untrue:

Today’s reports indicate that the Detroit Tigers have demanded that
they receive a studly, ready-to-go center field prospect in any deal
they would make for Curtis Granderson. If that is true, and the Tigers
hold firm to that demand, you can probably count the Chicago Cubs out.
The closest thing the Cubs have to a top of the line center field
prospect is Brett Jackson, the team’s first round pick from this year.
But as he hasn’t yet played above A-ball, and isn’t likely to sniff
the majors until 2011 at the earliest – oh, and the Cubs absoluely
love the kid – he isn’t likely to be involved in any trade for

The Cubs have some other young outfielders who are closer to the bigs
and could handle center field – Tyler Colvin, the team’s 2006 first
round pick, James Adducci, and even Sam Fuld, come to mind – but none
of them even approach the kind of prospect the Tigers are said to be
looking for.


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