The Sixth Inning of the Managerial Search and Other Bullets

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The Sixth Inning of the Managerial Search and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

There will be a bunch on the managerial search coming up later this morning – including bits on Terry Francona and today’s interviewee, Sandy Alomar, Jr. – as well as a transcript (paraphrased) of Theo/Jed/Jason’s conference call with season ticket holders last night, and some Lukewarm Stovin’. Until then, bullets…

  • In said conference call, Theo Epstein said that he believes the Cubs are in the “sixth inning” of the managerial search, and carefully said (paraphrasing a bit), “we have another candidate or more to interview, and then we’ll enter into the decision-making phase.” I took it to mean that the Cubs will interview Alomar today, and then decide whether they’ve got their man in the four they’ve interviewed, or if they need to bring anyone else in. One piece of concern: when the Cubs move into the 9th inning of the search, will Carlos Marmol spill hot coffee on Mike Maddux’s lap, causing him to return to Texas?
  • Former Cubs’ prospect Donnie Veal is now a member of the Chicago White Sox. The lefty was an up-and-comer in the Cubs’ system after the 2008 season when he was snaked by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Rule 5 Draft. He stuck with the Pirates for the required time in 2009, but didn’t pitch particularly well there. Scouts say he still has good stuff, but he’ll probably have to keep working it out in the minors. Veal is 27.
  • You won’t see Ernie Banks’ statue outside of Wrigley Field for a little while. Not unlike the Statue of Liberty, Ernie’s bronze statue was oxidizing, and turning green. So, it’s been sent to Peoria for some upkeep.
  • Some more on the possible hang-ups in the sale of the Astros, which is a necessary precursor to the Astros’ move to the AL. The sale could be approved next week at the owners’ meetings.
  • Cubs Den slams Bud Selig’s bizarre position with respect to hard slotting in the draft and questions whether it really helps small market clubs (a criticism with which I agree, and have been hammering in the bullets for months).
  • You can watch the Mesa Solar Sox (the Arizona Fall League team on which the Cubs’ prospects play) tonight on MLBN at 7pm CT. All of Junior Lake, DJ LeMahieu and Josh Vitters played yesterday for the Sox, and none had a particularly compelling outing.

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