Was Rick Hahn Almost the Cubs' GM? No, and Other Bullets

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Was Rick Hahn Almost the Cubs’ GM? No, and Other Bullets

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We’re having a few friends over for a Halloween get-together today. My costume? Hopefully my friends have a sense of irony – pajama pants, food-stained white t-shirt, flip flops, wrist brace, unkempt facial hair and messy hair. I’m a blogger.

  • How close was Rick Hahn to becoming the Chicago Cubs’ GM last year? In a word: not. Although he was a popular media suggestion – a smart, analytical, in-town up-and-comer – Tom Ricketts had never even met Hahn when the GM speculation was swirling. It looks pretty clear that Ricketts had his eye on an Epstein/Hoyer-type coup from the beginning. Hahn, for his part, may have always wanted the White Sox GM job, which he was officially handed yesterday (with Kenny Williams moving up to Executive Vice President). (That article has more on Theo/Hendry/Ricketts, too. Likely nothing you didn’t already know, but it’s well-packaged.)
  • The World Series shifts to Detroit tonight for Game Three at 7pm CT (why wouldn’t it be tonight, at the same time as my Halloween party and the Michigan/Nebraska game? – I think I’m going to DVR the latter, so no spoilers!). Ryan Vogelsong versus Anibal Sanchez. It’s virtually meaningless, but if you’re desperate to find an offseason rooting interest, go ahead and pull for a disastrous outing by Sanchez. There are GMs out there who put way too much stock in postseason performance, and him belly-flopping on the most important stage could give those types just a bit of heartburn. The Cubs’ men in charge know better than that, so *if* they are going to be in on Sanchez, he might become the teeniest, tiniest (and I mean tiny, folks) bit more attainable if he’s considered “bad” in the post-season. That ship may have already sailed, though. Like I said: if you’re desperate for a rooting interest.
  • Another charity writes in to the Sun-Times to let them know that Rick Telander’s hit job on the Cubs’ charity efforts was bogus.
  • Did you know that Ryan Theriot has been on a bunch of post-season winners since leaving the Cubs?!?!?!?
  • A profile on Cubs relief prospect Tony Zych, whom Luke profiled yesterday.
  • Tom Ricketts owns a portion of an English soccer (football) team. Who knew?

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