You've Got Two Days Left to Join the Free Fantasy Baseball Contest ($500 Prize Pool)

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You’ve Got Two Days Left to Join the Free Fantasy Baseball Contest ($500 Prize Pool)

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There’s still two days left to join in on Opening Day’s fun.

Thanks to Draftstreet, we get to do a free, one-day fantasy baseball contest this week, based on Monday’s games. By performing the simple task of signing up, you (1) give yourself a chance to win part of the $500 prize pool, (2) guarantee that you’ll have some fun on Opening Day, and (3) support your friendly neighborhood hang-out, Bleacher Nation. These promotions help keep BN free for you to read and use, so your participation is appreciated.

Flashing Lights: Sign Up Here.

The contest is pretty simple: you pick a roster of players based on Monday’s games with a salary cap of $100,000 (each player has a salary, and you can add up to a maximum of $100,000). They score you points on Monday, and you see how well you did. The winner takes home a $109 prize, and the next 49 people win something, too. The full contest details are here.

So, to recap: sign up for the contest now. Build your roster. Tweak your roster throughout the weekend as you see fit. Have some fun on Monday when the games are played. Win some money. For free. You’re welcome.

And if you want a crack at the MUCH larger $20,000 prize pool, you can sign up for the paid Opening Day contest (costs just $11). That one comes with a $3,000 prize to the winner, and space is limited (to increase the chances that those playing win something).


*Note: residents of some States are not eligible to play, so if you’re blocked out for that reason, my most humble apologies.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.