The Dodgers Now Have a Mascot, Too

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The Dodgers Now Have a Mascot, Too

Chicago Cubs

clark hatersWhat in the world? An historic and venerable baseball organization is resorting to a costumed character to entertain fans and brighten the ballpark experience for kids?

That just can’t be true! Wait, wait. I know the story. It’s a crappy team, right? One that isn’t spending any money, isn’t winning any games, isn’t selling any tickets, and has to come up with some lame distraction. Totally predictable.

Except it’s the Dodgers. The $235 million payrollin’, 92 game winnin’, massive season ticket sellin’, 1800s formin’ Dodgers.

Although they’re making sure to downplay the introduction of a “mascot,” the Dodgers most certainly have rolled out a costumed character at the ballpark this year to pose for pictures and visit kids and generally make merry, according to the LA Times. It’s a bobblehead-ish looking guy, who is probably wearing pants, but who is also wearing a crazy, sideways hat.

When the Cubs unveiled Clark the Cub, the team’s new mascot, the heat they felt from all corners was embarrassing, misguided, and palpable. I said my piece then, and I won’t force you to suffer it again here. Suffice it to say: having a costumed extension of the organization for kids – who isn’t going to traipse around the dugouts and the field – is neither a big deal, nor a bad thing.

With the Dodgers joining in, and with Clark not bothering anyone in the least over the first week of games (most of you forgot about him until I just mentioned him, didn’t you?), I think it’s safe to say the tempest within a teapot is over. 

(Shame on the LA Times writer, however, for trotting out this dusty old meatball sandwich: “The Dodgers unveiled this new toy without fanfare. Without announcement. You know, almost like a big part of them was privately embarrassed. As they should be. The Dodgers are a proud, traditional, classy franchise which should be above this mascot silliness.”

Yes, the Dodgers should be above making things fun for kids. All those damn smiling kids who are “wild” about the character! They’re ruining the baseball GAME with their joy and laughter! They aren’t even watching the PLAYers with the BALL and BAT on the GAME field! For shame, Dodgers! Less costumes! More crusty old curmudgeons! Baseball is serious business!)

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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.