The Cubs Prospect Homer Party Was Two Days Long, and Anthony Rizzo Crashed (VIDEOS)

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The Cubs Prospect Homer Party Was Two Days Long, and Anthony Rizzo Crashed (VIDEOS)

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Although it wasn’t quite Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, and Addison Russell all homering within 30 minutes of each other, yesterday was a clear extension of the homer party that started the day before. Not only did Bryant and Baez do it again (Tennessee was rained out, otherwise Soler and Russell totally would have, too (reports have it that Soler showed up at the ballpark anyway and hit a couple dozen homers off the tee for good measure)), but they were joined by Kyle Schwarber, who hit his first for High-A Daytona.

The Cubs also saw homers from Jeimer Candelario, Wilson Contreras, Cael Brockmeyer, and Rock Shoulders, the latter of which was a walk-off grand slam.

For good measure, as you saw, Anthony Rizzo patted each of them on the head, saying, “Ah, so cute. But let me go ahead and hit two homers in the big leagues.”

First, here’s Baez hitting one so immediately far that the announcer can’t even get out the full “driven into left fff … ” before he has to say, “well, you can forget about that one”:

Baez bein’ Baez. Loads up and uncorks. And how about an in-stadium view, courtesy of BN’er Cody:

Love the commentary.

And then there’s Bryant, who is apparently just on the verge of getting tired, according to the Hawk Harrelson impersonator announcing Round Rock games:

Whoops. TWTW.

And, for good measure, how about an in-house shot from Cody:

Yes, sir, indeed.

Although we don’t have video on the other minor league shots, we do have Rizzo going waaaaay deep:

That is a pitch right down the pipe, and Rizzo sends it really far. You can see Rizzo’s second homer here. It was another BOMB, this time to deep center.

All right, boys. Keep it up. I will literally never get tired of discussing/sharing/oggling Cubs-related homers.

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