Braves Reportedly Trade Justin Upton to the Padres, Who Want All the Outfielders

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Braves Reportedly Trade Justin Upton to the Padres, Who Want All the Outfielders

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[According to multiple reports, the Braves are sending Justin Upton to the Padres, who are shocking us at every turn with their offseason. You can see the updates below as this morning mystery played out.]

Ready for a Friday morning mystery?

We’ll see how long the mystery holds up, but the Braves are working on a Justin Upton trade, according to Jeff Passan:

Upton’s is probably the biggest outfield bat on the trade market, so this is a big deal, wherever he goes. I highly doubt it’ll be the Cubs, even as much as I’d hoped the Cubs would pursue him.

So get your guesses in now before a deal gets done. A number of teams could use Upton, but the Rangers make a ton of sense given their outfield needs and deep prospect pool. Maybe the A’s after last night’s trading? There was some chatter going around that the A’s would use the pitching they’d accumulated to go after a bat, but would they want a one-year guy?

Oh, and don’t rule out the Mariners, who’ve pursued Upton for years, and could still use a bat.

UPDATE: I promise I finished my above thoughts before Mark Bowman tweeted this:

I’m not going to take too much credit, though, as those three teams probably would have been most folks’ guess if they could name three. There have been rumors on those teams for a while, and the fit is clear (at least with the Rangers and Mariners).

UPDATE 2: Evan Grant rules out the Rangers:

I missed this last night from Kiley McDaniel, and thanks to Adam on Twitter for the heads up:

So, again, the Mariners and A’s are both a fit there.

UPDATE 3: Like any good mystery, there’s a big twist!

Are the Angels or Astros going to surprise on this one? Or is it not even an AL West team at all?

UPDATE 4: More heat on the Padres, because ALL THE OUTFIELDERS:

UPDATE 5: Not the Astros:

Is it really going to be the Padres? That would be all kinds of nuts.

UPDATE 6: It really might be the Padres. And that’s all kinds of nuts:

Not only will the Padres then have to trade at least a couple outfielders from a position of no leverage (not a huge deal), they’ll have to figure out an outfield that works defensively with Myers/Kemp/Upton. Unless they’re planning to move Kemp to first base or something crazy.

UPDATE 7: In case you needed confirmation that it’s not the Cubs on Upton, Buster Olney’s on the spot:

I do wonder, though, if the Cubs will be in a position to go after a Padres outfielder if they do get Upton. I still really like Seth Smith, but he might wind up going to a team like the Mariners (who could platoon him with recently-acquired Justin Ruggiano).

UPDATE 8: And sure enough, it’s the Padres, according to multiple reports, starting with Ken Rosenthal. This is pretty incredible, and further indicates just how aggressively the Padres are going for it in 2015. Now we’ll see what the fallout is for them in the outfield.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.