Here We Go: Win a Signed Rizzo Bat, a BN Shirt... oh, and a Share of $100,000

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Here We Go: Win a Signed Rizzo Bat, a BN Shirt… oh, and a Share of $100,000

Chicago Cubs

draftkingsPlaying in these contests from DraftKings helps support BN (and keep it free to read and use), so I really appreciate your attention.

The Chicago Cubs open the 2015 MLB season as part of the Opening Night Game against the Cardinals on Sunday, April 5. That’s great, but it means the Cubs won’t be playing when MLB has its full Opening Day on Monday, April 6. Do you know how miserable it’s going to be to get so hyped for Opening Night, watch the Cubs … and then have no Cubs to watch on Monday? It will suck.

I have a solution.

What if, while waiting for the Cubs to play again on Tuesday, you could be obsessively watching every other MLB game on Monday because you’ve got huge prize money, a BN shirt, and a signed Anthony Rizzo bat on the line?

DraftKings is holding an enormous, one-day fantasy baseball contest on April 6 – you pick a team of players from around baseball, and rack up points based on how well they play that day – where the winner will get $10,000, and there are $100,000 total in cash prizes. The entry fee is only $3 for this contest, but if you’re new to DraftKings and make your first deposit, they’ll let you into this one for free. We’ve done these fantasy contests for years around here, and they are a lot of fun – worth playing entirely on their own merits (which is why I play in them!).

But I wanted to make this first contest a little extra special and include some prizes exclusively for BN’ers.

So I bought a signed Anthony Rizzo bat, and I’m going to give it to one of you. All you’ve got to do is sign up for this fantasy contest, and have some fun playing. DraftKings will select at random one new DraftKings user who signed up through BN to win the bat. Note: you have to be a new user at DraftKings who has signed up through a link here at BN to be eligible to win the bat.

Not wanting to leave out folks who’ve already been playing at DraftKings, and wanting to add a little competition to this thing, I’m adding yet another prize: BN swag!

The top five BN scorers in this contest – whether you’re new to DraftKings or you’ve been there for a long time – will win their choice of a t-shirt from the BN store.

So, to recap:

(1) Sign up for DraftKings and join this $100,000 contest (make your first deposit, and the contest is free to play). Merely by signing up for DraftKings and playing in this contest, you are eligible to win the signed Rizzo bat. You don’t even have to be any good. The contest and its prize pool are obviously the main thing, but the bat is a nice bonus possibility, right?

(2) Tinker with your roster at your whim until the games kick off on April 6, and then have some fun watching the games as your players rack up points.

(3) Finish in the top 5 of all BN’ers, and win a free BN shirt.

(4) Finish high enough in the contest, and win some serious cash.

(5) Enjoy the game, and play in other one-day fantasy contests throughout the season, because they are exciting and fun. Support BN in the process.


*Note: residents of some States are not eligible to play, so if you’re blocked out for that reason, my most humble apologies.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.