Jake Arrieta Was Brilliant and Other Bullets

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Jake Arrieta Was Brilliant and Other Bullets

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  • The upside of Jake Arrieta’s dominance yesterday was that he earned a complete game shutout, an increasingly rare occurrence, and a nice feather in the cap. The theoretical downside is the 122 pitches it took, which was a career high. From where I sit, I pretty much never like to see a pitcher go over 115 pitches, which is a somewhat arbitrary (but often instructive) line. That goes double in blowouts, where stretching a pitcher is simply unnecessary. That said, when the outing has been low-stress, and especially the later pitches are low-stress, I’m a little more flexible in my thinking.
  • And that’s what it was for Joe Maddon, who said that Arrieta was on a short leash at the end, but the stuff still looked good, and Arrieta hadn’t been laboring through high-stress situations (CSN). Arrieta, himself, also felt like he was getting better as the game went on (ESPN). It’s very unlikely that we would see ill-effects from this game for Arrieta, and I’m not terribly concerned.
  • But I am impressed – Arrieta’s game score for the outing was 86, tied for the 16th best by a starting pitcher in any start this season (and best by a Cubs pitcher). Over nine shutout innings, Arrieta struck out seven, allowed just four hits, and walked no one. The outing dropped his FIP to 2.90, 14th best in baseball.
  • The Cubs aren’t scared of their upcoming tough stretch (it’s actually a tough stretch within a tough stretch), and they’re content to be playing good teams (Tribune). I say, if the Cubs could win four of these seven games against the Dodgers and Cardinals – preferably at least two coming against the Cardinals – I will be very, very happy.
  • Joe Maddon with praise for Chris Coghlan, who – dead horse alert – has hit the ball much better all year than the baseball card numbers say (CSN).
  • Maddon is also campaigning for Anthony Rizzo as an All-Star, deservedly so.
  • If you missed anything from the weekend, your catch-up is here.
  • I respect how he thinks for a moment and decides to just keep going:

Author: Brett Taylor

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