BN Trade Deadline Blogathon: Hour 3

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BN Trade Deadline Blogathon: Hour 3

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dusty sleeping blogathonI am currently blogging – here, on Facebook, and on Twitter (hash tag #BNBlogathon for those who want to jump into the fray themselves) – for 37 hours straight, until slightly past MLB’s July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, thanks to your generous donations to Make-A-Wish. I’ll be doing recaps on the process throughout the day, but you’ll also see normal posting (Bullets, news, Pre-Gamin’, EBS), as well as a significant uptick in rumor/trade posts.

The first update of the day, which means spirits are high. There was a ton to catch up on from the overnight period, so I’ve mostly been scrambling this morning.

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News and Rumors Since the Last Recap:

Well, there was no “last recap,” but there are things since the final Lukewarm Stove last night. The Rangers and Phillies agreed to the Cole Hamels deal, which looks pretty good for the Rangers. And the Mets/Brewers swap of Carlos Gomez fell through.

Most Interesting Tidbit Since the Last Recap:

Again, no “last recap” just yet, but I find the breakdown of the Mets/Brewers deal fascinating, especially given how super-duper-widely it was disseminated last night, even though it clearly hadn’t quite been finalized (hence Wilmer Flores being left in the game, and his manager didn’t even know what was happening when he found out his shortstop was crying on the field (aside: how did Flores find out about the trade before his manager did? Phone in the dugout? Shouts from the fans? Some other Mets personnel telling Flores but not Terry Collins?)).

What happens now with Gomez? What happens now with the Mets’ efforts to add another bat?

Current Thoughts About the Chicago Cubs’ Trade Deadline Strategy/Execution:

We’ll see how the Cubs play things today and tomorrow. Lots of big pieces have been moved, but a rental starter always made the most sense to me (as well as a bullpen arm and a bench bat). Plenty of rental starters still available.

Current Beverage/Stimulant of Choice:

Just the usual morning coffee. Iced. With a little chocolate sauce and agave. I’m cool like that.

Rally Bucket Status:


Strangest Thought Passing Through My Mind:

I slept all right last night – only about 6 hours, but solid sleep – but terrible the night before. That’s what’s really going to hurt me today and tonight. I know it.

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We’re underway.

Author: Brett Taylor

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