An Awesome Magazine Cover is Just an Awesome Magazine Cover and Other Notes

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An Awesome Magazine Cover is Just an Awesome Magazine Cover and Other Notes

Chicago Cubs

Forgive the amended post title, but in the wake of this morning’s horrific shooting in Virginia, having “Bullets” up there felt a little careless. You don’t come here for my thoughts on gun violence, so I won’t editorialize. I’m just very sad, and I’ll turn to what I know – writing about the Cubs. I will ask you to honor the victims by not posting links to the video. They deserve better than our gawking eyes.

Ok. Resetting. Back to Cubs …

  • I ain’t afraid of no covers:

  • It’s just a regional cover, anyway, so the Cubs are probably only jinxed in the Midwest. They’re playing out West through the weekend. So no worries. (In all seriousness, that’s simply a badass cover.)
  • Also, the Cubs are enjoying the heck out of their success right now, as they should (CSN).
  • Since everything is rosy and shiny about the Cubs lately, I’m going to find something about which to nitpick. In the bottom of the 6th last night, Jake Arrieta made an error, and then labored to close out the inning with runners on base. It was pretty clear that he’d lost his command just a bit, especially on his breaking pitches, and he was at 99 pitches. Joe Maddon elected to let Arrieta come back out to start the 7th in an 8-1 game. Arrieta gave up a blooper and then was immediately pulled. I know that it was likely a “you can go out if you cruise through the inning” situation, but really, why send him out there at all? Also, why is Justin Grimm the reliever coming in for clean-up duty in that situation? It was strange, though Maddon gets the benefit of the doubt from me. I’m sure there were reasons. Not sure we’ll find out what they were, though.
  • If you missed it in the evening, Emilio Bonifacio is back.
  • Cubs coaches wearing armor in the dugout because Cubs:

  • This will cost you some time watching again and again:

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