Barry Bonds is Officially the Marlins' Hitting Coach (Wow) and Other Bullets

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Barry Bonds is Officially the Marlins’ Hitting Coach (Wow) and Other Bullets

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miami marlins logoIn these crazy, rumor-and-transaction heavy stretches, doing the non-rumor Bullets can be difficult, but also comforting. A chance to step back and get into other stuff. And, don’t worry, there’s plenty of rumor bits coming today.

  • It’s really happening. Barry Bonds is the Marlins’ new hitting coach. The first thing I do want to note is that Bonds, whatever the other stuff, is probably the best hitter of all-time. He has instructed players before, including Dexter Fowler, and he might be very good at it. But adding him to the circus in Miami strikes me as almost parody, and then you throw in this:

  • I can’t even. The Marlins owner – one of the most polarizing (is it “polarizing” if everyone is on the other side from you?) owners in all of sports – personally worked on selecting, recruiting, and hiring a coach? After churning through so many managers in recent years, then bringing in Don Mattingly, and saying, “By the way, the owner already picked your hitting coach, and, oh, it’s Barry freaking Bonds.” It’s just so head-shakingly odd. Since, as I said, I can’t even, I’ll just let Jeff Passan.
  • Mets GM Sandy Alderson will continue his duties as he receives treatment for cancer.
  • Kris Bryant is gettin’ ready:

Author: Brett Taylor

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